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Veterans Day, For Our Troops and World Peace

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    amc good points. The A-10's were on the chopping block long ago, due to be phased out, on their way to the boneyard. They were considered obselete. Then came Desert Storm where they were proven to be entirely effective in air to ground combat operations. And they are a very tiny fraction of the price of the F-35's planned to replace them in the near future.

    And soon, even the F-35's, as new, and expensive, and technologically advanced as they are, will be replaced by robots/drones. It's merely a matter of economics, and it may happen sooner than the Pentagon thinks.

    I will take your advice and attempt to kick my Republican neighbor the next time I see him. It has been a while since I kicked him, and as I remember it, it did feel good. If not, maybe my dog can be persuaded to bite him.