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Chris Christie Coasting to Re-Election

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    Governor Chris Christie is expected to coast to victory today, capping off a race that seemed over well before it started. Christie is a master politician in a deeply blue state and has been able to toe the fine line of being a Republican darling while also finding a way to get things done by compromising with his legislature. While I wish the Democrats had put up a little bigger fight against Christie, I understand that they saw the writing on the wall and didn't want to invest heavily in a race they were destined to lose.

    I do wonder how much Christie's re-election will foretell his national chances. Christie has plenty of baggage that will get put out in the open if he decides to go after a national office and far right Republicans loathe him for what they see as him compromising too often. I just don't know if he is a genuine force to be reckoned with or if he is just another darling of the media that is experiencing his 15 minutes of fame.