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Election Day: New York City and Virginia Poised To Swing Blue

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    Today is shaping out to be a potentially breakthrough day for progressives when our nations largest city is set to overwhelmingly elect an unabashedly progressive democrat to become the next mayor of New York City. Bill de Blasio is currently leading polls by an astounding fifty percent and will replace perennial mayor Michael Bloomberg. With all of the talk about the rightward shift in America's south and heartland, it is nice to know that there's just as strong of a leftward shift going on in our nations major cities. If de Blasio wins, which is highly likely, it will be a tremendous opportunity to highlight progressive policies in our nations biggest city.

    As if that weren't enough, Virginia is on track to elect democrat Terry McAuliffe to the Governor's mansion. In an off year election that almost always skews towards the party that is not in the White House, the Republicans made an incalculable error in nominating the most far right and out of the mainstream candidate they could have imagined in state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli. As if he weren't already extreme enough, Mr. Cuccinelli was mired in the current political scandal swirling around Virginia's current Governor.

    What does everyone think of the elections going on today? What will it mean for New York City if it overwhelmingly elects an outspoken progressive after years of a business friendly mayor? And what does everyone think of the Virginia's Governor race?
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    jared you forgot the third big race. New Jersey.

    Christie is expected to win a big victory in a very blue state, and yes, that matters.

    New York City is the biggest of the mayoral races, but there are many large cities electing mayors today, but NYC overshadows the rest of them which include Detroit, Boston and Atlanta, I think.

    In other noteworthy election news, Colorado voters wil set a tax rate for marijuana. Much to the chagrin of the stoners, I guess.
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    I actually wrote a different posting regarding Chris Christie, which is why I didn't mention him in this one. There are multiple other races going on today, but I don't think that they have nearly as big of an impact as the NYC and Virginia races have. New York City, no matter how blue they are, hasn't had a democratic mayor since 1993. Not only that, but they are on the cusp of electing one of the most progressive voices in America. This can have a huge impact for progressivism nation wide. In Virginia, they are notorious for electing a party opposite of the current occupant of the White House in their gubernatorial elections and that trend seems like it will be broken this year. That is also big news. It's not that I'm ignoring Atlanta, Boston, and Detroit, but those races don't seem to foretell any national trend like the two races in NYC and Virginia might.
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    Yeah I posted my reply to you before you posted your Christie thread. If I had known your Christie thread was coming I would have held off.

    Just about all of the many media reports I heard earlier today referred to the "BIG THREE" elections: NYC, NJ, and VA.

    I have not heard of any surprises but have not seen the news yet this evening.

    I expect that both sides will try to spin the results their way.