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Time for the Nuclear Option?

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    With the latest Republican blocking of a major President Obama nomination, Rep. Mel Watt for the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Patricia Millet for a spot on a Federal Appeals coaurt in D.C., isn't it time to change the fillibuster rules? This is especially true now that Senate Minority Leader McConnel broke his word once again to honor a truce for nominations!

    The Repuiblicans are playing up to Ted Cruz and the like of Tea Party that threatens them with primaries if they don't block everything President Obama proposes, even his nominees! It appears the only way to conduct any business is to have fillibuster reform! Shouldn't this start with unlinking the nomination process with the 60 vote requirement?

    Let's move forward and encourage Majority Leader Reid to use the nuclear option and change these current rules that shackles the majority will to the whims of this horribly regressive minority party!