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Caught in a catch 22

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    I am 62 years old and for the last 10 years, I have been very sick with what turned out to be like a progression dominos. It started out with bleeding ulcers and numerous intestinal ails. In 2001 it was chronic pancreatitis and I don't even drink. In 2009, it was gastro parisis.The nausea from the gastro parisis was paralyzing, then I developed bleeding ulcers that would not heal and a lot of scare tissue that was ripe for cancer. I was introduced to a surgeon that operated on one of my friend's daughter. I trusted him and he said the best thing to do is remove two thirds of my stomach. Since my stomach surgery I have been living in different degrees of dying. I require a tubal feeding solution and although it is rare, Nestle make a tubal feeding solution in vanilla for drinking or giving in a tube. First I stopped absorbing potassium, iron...then I am lactose and fructose intolerant. Now I have nutritional malabsorbtion. Where is spell check???? lol I have a table full of denials from my insurance company Medical and Nestle. I have had the aid of Lois Capps and State Senator Hanna Beth Jackson. They even made a law about this tubal feeding. If you don't get it from a tube, it is a supplement. I can't use a tube because I don't have a normal sized stomach, but it would be my primary source of nutrition. I have cried and begged everyone, but I will tell you. I'm not sure I will ever vote again. If they can make a law to keep me from a substance that could save my life and at 62 get ready for the nursing home, you may have to go in because of failure to thrive. It wasn't my failure. That law makes me wonder about what Pailin used to say about death panels. If you are going to do that then you need to write another law giving people like me a humane ending. Starving just panics me.
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    I'm sorry for your troubles, Dear. I'm not familiar with many of your symptoms so can't offer much advice except don't relay on Sarah Palin for much. Good Luck to you. I hope your ills improve!