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In the Belly of the Beast --- "secret JBS papers"

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    INSIDE the BELLY of the BEAST -- Birch Society "secret papers"

    In reading this, you must DEFINITELY keep in mind, that whenever the Birchers use the word "communist," they actually mean "liberal" or "democrat". It is quite evident after reading their books any length of time. They are very critical of unions, & anyone who votes Democrat. The JBS labels people like JFK a "communist traitor." Just so you KNOW their mind-set has always been skewed to total "irrationality" right from the beginning. (For 55 yrs they have spread total lies and slander & propaganda on American airwaves, so by now they have brain-washed 50% of our citizens to believe total insane bull-crap).
    (Too bad radios do not come with automatic FACT CHECKING).

    NOW to get to the serious part -- Gradually it becomes apparent after studying their writings for several years, that their attempt to label the
    "liberals" as THE ENEMY - is because the REAL ENEMY is THEM.
    (the GOP) -- or "masters of deceit" -- as (FBI) J. Edgar Hoover said.

    He also said, "the best place for the Communists to hide would be in the right wing, since "nobody is looking for them there."

    Quoting from the "Blue Book" of the John Birch Society, (member's manual) 1995 (25th printing) --- Western Islands, publisher (Wisc).
    - (orig 1959) // written by Robert Welch // (deceased 1985).

    (p.120-121) "Government, by its size, momentum, & authority, will not only perpetuate errors of doctrine, or policy, but it will magnify their effect on a geometric scale." -- "Let any one error be sanctified by govt, and crystallized as truth, then little short of a revolution can discredit it." "An easy illustration of this principle is the witchcraft trials in the early days of our colonial govt."

    NOTE: Once the false accusations of the Birch Society were made in the mainstream media, & picked up by Birchers who were elected into our govt, their word became official "truth" & were then increasingly accepted & proliferated through-out our nation. Now Bircher media has affected almost 50% of our population listening to radio & TV, so we have high percentages who think that "liberals" are evil. At one point, the JBS said that "Democrats were devils." Some have said that "Hillary Clinton was a practicing satanist witch, & so was Bill."

    BLUE BOOK: "The very slogan, "to make the world safe for democracy" -- should have been a give-away to any intelligent student of history and political science. For since the time of the Greeks it has been well known, as it clearly was to our Founding Fathers, that democracy was not only the worst of all forms of govt, but was the last direct step on the road to unbridled dictatorship." // (p.178-179) // (ahem) Sadly, that liar was dear old Robt Welch himself).

    NOTE: This is where I found out that Welch & his whole Birch Society were full of excrement. That is where I KNEW FOR SURE, he was a lying old man. Because as students of history & political science we knew that "democracy" was the IDEAL of the ancient Greeks in 500 BC, and beloved by our American Founding Fathers as they chose their "ideal form of govt" to follow in 1789. & it has been symbolic of good govt for the rest of the world ever since. Remember, even Geo "W" Bush said - we were going to "bring democracy" to Iraq?

    I think President Abraham Lincoln said it best: "Democracy is govt of the people, by the people, and for the people." And he said WE had fought the entire Civil War so that "democracy would not perish from the earth." (It was something so valuable we should fight & die for it).

    NOTE: In case I haven't mentioned it, this JBS (John Birch Society)
    Manual (Blue Book) is given to all new members of their Society. The Society began in 1958, its purpose was to "takeover" the Republican Party, & gradually to use it (the GOP) to "takeover" the whole United States Govt. To change it in such a way, it would be much more like an oligarchy, (govt by the wealthy few). Now you may notice, that the GOP is run by the Tea Party, (the 2nd generation Birch Society) & its goal is to take away your rights to vote (destroy democracy) because as you read above -- Welch does NOT believe in democracy. He says that it is the worst form of govt. As we speak, Birchers are working all day & night to take away union rights, decent pay for workers, trying to wage eternal war for OIL, which will only make the people with lots of money in the stock market rich. Of course THEIR children will never have to fight in any wars. Also, the GOP/Birch/TeaParty are trying to deny all of us ordinary people "health care" which is exactly like they have in Europe & Canada. It is just the expansion of MEDICARE that has kept our senior citizens alive & healthy for the last 50 yrs. But the JBS will be lying endlessly, saying that somehow having good health is not good for America. Yeah, sure. It's much better if we all starve, go barefoot, have no food, & have to be slaves to the Republicans, as we will have to beg them for any menial job. You notice how the GOP has conveniently "outsourced" all our jobs, the big corporations have been doing that for decades now (behind our back) until suddenly we wake up & find NO JOBS here, NOPE, they are all now in China or in India, WHY? Because those people work for LESS MONEY & so the Repubs can make much Higher Profits. ($$$ is all they care about).

    Now the Repubs have learned many NEW ways to sabotage all of our elections, (a good way to destroy democracy) like gerrymandering our districts, requiring new kinds of ID to vote, shortening the # of days you can register, making the conditions so you have to stand outside in the snow for hours to cast your elderly & those with kids cannot stand up that long or wait that long to vote. THIS IS ALL TO DENY We the People of our HUMAN RIGHTS to VOTE for our own leaders, (democracy) instead of the WEALTHY Ruling us like Kings.

    (p.182-183) BLUE BOOK: "The Communist principle of reversal now came fully into play. It must be realized that everything about modern Communism is part of one Big Lie. Not merely as a means, but as an end in itself. They seek everywhere & always to replace truth with falsehood, construction with destruction, religious ideals with satanic amorality, govt by consent with tyranny by force, to replace freedom with slavery, compassion with cruelty, & love with hate. This has all been clearly spelled out in Communist own literature for 100 yrs.

    Once this diabolic and basic principle is thoroughly grasped & kept in mind, it is easy to see and understand specific manifestations of the Big Lie at work. Communism itself is not at all the movement which it pretends to be, of downtrodden masses rising up against a ruling class which exploits them. It is exactly the opposite. Communism is in every country, a drive for absolute power, on the part of power hungry criminals & maniacs. In most countries, these treasonous criminals come largely from the top social, educational, economic, & political circles. Cunningly & ruthlessly, they seek to impose their rule ever more rigidly & tyrannically, from the top down, on the total population.
    The condition of the masses is always made worse, in every respect, as the conspirators fully realized & intended in advance.They seek to rule a world of slaves, and not of peers."

    (p.185) Blue Book: "With all of the mechanics of deception beginning to operate, one final item of preparation was necessary. This was the crushing of the very backbone of potential resistance, long before any cohesive body of such resistance could arise, and while all was yet chaos and confusion." (p.186) "In this 'purification' more than one hundred thousand of the most patriotic Frenchmen were ruthlessly murdered, & more than a million incarcerated - before the terror had run its course."// (p.187) "For Stalin demanded that all refugees either civilians or military alike, be forcibly returned to Russia. And General Eisenhower, in command of American occupation troops, made it their function to carry out that demand. Somewhere between 2 million and 5 million human beings, including tens of thousands who had valiantly fought on our side in the war against Germany, were then forced into boxcars, at bayonet point - amid epidemics of suicides - & were taken to Soviet territory, to the torture & death awaiting them there."

    NOTE: I have mentioned a couple of times that by creating more & more wars, & letting them last a very long time, keeping our soldiers in harm's way for months & years, being attacked & fired upon, or in a position to be killed by IED's (roadside bombs) - while Cheney would refuse to supply "armor" for their jeeps & vehicles --- as though that was not important at all to him --- (for like Bush, Cheney had never been forced to serve in the Armed Services, to protect his country, but only to reap all the rewards & benefits of 5 draft deferments), while he was getting a 6 yr college education, (due to underpar performance in his grades), & another "hardship" 3A, since his wife was pregnant. At age 21, he was convicted of "driving while intoxicated" & was arrested again (for DUI) the following year. Apparently his first job was to be a Congressional Intern. WOW, they must have very high standards.

    But I digress -- it appears to me that keeping thousands of our best young men in uniform in foreign deserts, far away from normal life, & having their friends mutilated & murdered in front of their eyes, while they daily see jeeps blowing up in front of them, because our Govt did not think it convenient to "armor" their vehicles. These endless wars, with endless deployments until soldiers either get killed, or maimed, crippled, or commit suicide --- This is a Horror that American people must NOT Allow. For what purpose does it serve? NONE. We are not
    defeating any enemy over there. It is NOT a War that we are Winning. It is stupid, like all the generals who have continued to fight it. The POINT is: Why?? You can't defeat the enigma of Al Quaeda, it is like trying to fight the shifting desert sands, they will just keep on forever.

    So besides drumming up new reasons to over-finance our eternal War Machine, (which brings PROFITS to the GOP (gasp) --Why ELSE do we need eternal war? Is it to reduce the excess world population? NO. We are systematically "killing off" our most physically fit young specimens of manhood, the strongest & bravest, with high spirit &
    dedication. Why? Maybe it is to "get rid" of our best potential "resistance" against the enemies of Democracy, who are right now trying to takeover our govt (from within), The Birchers are using every tactic to muzzle our elections, to suppress the voice of the people, & to disrupt our economy, so that we will be too weak to fight them. And as "Axis & Allies" has taught me, the best way to WIN any War, is to Bankrupt Your Enemy. And now due to GOP endless wars, the USA is nearly Bankrupt. all due to these useless unnecessary wars,

    (p.188) BLUE BOOK: "The Communists make full use of the ancient Chinese precept that the surest way to conquer any enemy is to break his will to resist. They still apply that strategy against anti-communists in the United States today." (p.189) "PEACE" --What the Communists mean by the word "peace" is a situation in which there is no more opposition to Communism. It is exactly synonymous with complete submission." (p.191) "Although at least 98% of all federal employees are entirely loyal & patriotic, the Communist insiders now have full working control over our govt, because of the prestige & position & influence of this other 2%." -- "The one great job left for Communists is the subjugation of the people of the United States." (p.194) Some of our enemies keep us in fear of a surprise attack from Communists military forces, & have been working for many years to make this threat appear realistic, for it draws attention away from the takeover by internal subversion, which is going on steadily all of the time." (p.195) Lenin gave this order to his secret police on Dec 25, 1918 -- "We are not waging war against separate individuals; we are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class." (bourgeoisie is the upper strata of the middle class).

    NOTE: This article is not as perfectly put together as I would wish, but Time is of the essence, so I will put it on the net, just as it is. I hope there will be something found in it that is enlightening, mind-blowing, or at least surprising. The Blue Book of the John Birch Society used to be quite a "secret" product, given to "members only" from 1959.

    It has been 55 yrs since the JBS began, & it seems that the Society has maintained its anonymity quite well. Members were told it was an anti-Communist front group as its main purpose. Since then, the JBS has grown enormously, & very recently it has evolved into the second generation -- the TEA PARTY. (financed by the Koch Bros).