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Republicans in Wonderland

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    Julian, CA
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    144 Republican House members and 27 U.S. Senators believed that closing down the government and not paying the nations debts was a great idea and anyone that irresponsible and stupid should be fired on the spot so the people should do so at election time.
    All these loony counterproductive costly antics happened because these Robber Baron Stooges were bribed to defund the Affordable Care Act and prevent millions of Americans from getting health care so one can only conclude that these corrupt soulless ones deserve the peoples hate and contempt and never their vote.
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    I agree one hundred percent. But I am a bit afraid that our elections have so often been "rigged" & manipulated in the recent past, that I am not sure if our elections still matter. Considering all the secret manipulation & sabotage done by the Koch Bros, it was a real MIRACLE that Obama did manage to win, for his 2nd term. The deck was stacked so high against him, because so much $$ was spent trying to rig the election with lying slander on the TV & radio, it was phenomenal. The GOP was so sure they had bought the election, with all their crooked money, they refused to believe it when Obama won. And they are such spoiled, cunning criminals, that they plotted to just go ahead & do what they wanted to do, anyway, & just refuse to accept the President as a legitimate leader. Most of the world is probably worrying why we haven't all bought a few million butterfly nets, to go scoop up the loonies. But by the next election, what can we expect to change? The same crazies are still on the loose, with vulgar tons of crooked money, & in bed with Faux media talk hosts, & even more intent on winning at any cost. As you know, they are trying to take away our privileges to vote by "making up" tons of new rules to deprive people of their legitimate rights. It is basically what the Founders would have called a "coup d'etat" --- overthrow of our govt, by a silent revolution, but it could develop into a violent revolution, which is why the Sara Palin types are busy trying to get guns in the hands of every idiot they can brain-wash into supporting them. Stay tuned---- : )