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Chris Hayes Rudest Interviewer on MSNBC

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    As much as I appreciate the integrity and informative reporting and discussion on most of the shows on MSNBC, All In with Chris Hayes grates on my senses like fingernails on a chalKboard. If this is what his sponsors want, he is hitting all the buttons, BUT, Chris Hayes is IMHO, arrogant and narcissistic beyond belief. Why on earth does he have guests on his show ... he doesn't let them talk, he interrupts incessantly, and takes all their air time to prove that he, Chris is "erudite" and an angry young [progressive] man. [Nothing wrong wit hbeing progressive, BUT ...] If he were my son, I would knock him back a tad. Well a lot! It took some time for me to sign on to this site, but I can't find any other forum to air my frustration with this kid. No need to be so rude and condescending, YOung Man ... If I were programmng director, I would change him out for Steve Kornecki, another young man with integrity, grit, and intellect, who can achieve WAY more in guest interviews, and be far less annoying than Hayes.
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    Chris Hayes is most likely a better, more intelligent, kinder, loving individual than you could ever hope to be! (Now, go drink your tea).
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    I don't see anything wrong with the speaking talents of Chris Hayes, who is fantastically smart, enthusiastic, definitely a liberal, has a cute sense of humor, and manages his guests on his show very well. He covers a huge range of topics, & while finding a way to encourage all his guests, he is still solidly in control, with exceptional poise. For a relative newcomer, he has grown in excellence, to match any of the long term contributors to MSNBC.
    By the way, his choice of suits & ties are very tasteful, also. He is a shining star, & we love to see him. GREAT WORK, Chris.
    There are so many fantastic show hosts on MSNBC, it's impossible to pick a favorite. So I just DVR their shows, & try to watch them all.