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mysterious world of cyperspace

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    Julian, CA
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    Anyone who has entered the mysterious world of cyberspace is well aware of the glitches, twitches, being cut off, viruses, bugs and worm hole snails pace in that world so why is anyone surprised by the Affordable Care Act Site crashing and burning when millions of Americans tried to get on it?! of course, the few that did get on it found out the site was unworkable which means that the Republicans efforts not to fund the Affordable Care Act site setup succeeded in sabotaging the site setup and now they will spend millions on committee meetings doing their favorite thing and the only thing they do well and that is to trash and bash Obama and his administration instead of resolving America's serious problems.
    The American people will now have to be patient and wait a few more months for a workable site and after waiting 10 generations for an Affordable Health Care Plan I am sure they won't mind.
    As a Californian I am proud of my states Affordable Care Act site which is working out just fine.
    I have a message for all those Republican governors who are refusing to allow the people in their states to sign up for the Affordable Health Care Act; "Go to hell for that is where you are heading anyway!!!"