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McAfee as antibiotic hero

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    Dear Rachel:

    Regarding your expose on the House Republicans inviting John McAfee to testify on 'Obamacare,' I feel you left out a few salient points, especially so in that PBS aired its 'Nightmare Bug' program dealing with the declining value of antibiotics in the hour following your broadcast. In as much as that program makes the point that not enough research is being done in the USA to develop new antibiotics, is not John McAfee an antibiotic hero for sponsoring antibiotic research in Belize before he fled that country last December? If John McAfee is an antibiotic hero, is he not just as good a candidate to present the Republican point of view before the U S House on Obamacare as Clint Eastwood was a spokesman for "conservative values" at the Republican Convention in Tampa in August 2012? Best wishes, Xenolith
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    The only thing that I understood was that because the ACA does not have a vetted repository of Health Care Companies and anyone can effectively claim to be a healthcare representative and be able to secure some of your most important data, such as your Social Security Number and your life style, which would cause you to have your Identity comprised or stolen, whatever else he is involved in I don't know , but if what he says about the lack security on the ACA web site should sound the alarms that it should be looked at for just this type of problem, if for other reason then to put to rest the fear of identity theft.