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You saw Obama's Birth Certificate, now Do ANY GOP really have COLLEGE DIPLOMAS?

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    The art of illusion & misinformation has been studied by the GOP, to a state of perfection, so they can manipulate us at will. To keep us uninformed &
    spoon-fed a lot of bulloney, & kept in the dark as to what Reality is, in their criminal world of subterfuge & deception. To clarify it more simply, they are Masters of Deceit. Plain & Simple, they are TOTAL LIARS. You cannot trust a word they say, or a thing they do.

    True Patriotism or True Christianity is, to them, a pure Dramatic Ploy, to make you think they are devout in service to a Just God, who is loving and forgiving, & will judge us all in merciful kindness. So you will think they would, of course, live a life of integrity, & decency, & be trying to follow all the principles of love, charity, and justice for all. WRONG. It is all a plan of deception, to make you feel safe while they empty all your pockets & steal your silverware. They only exist to TAKE from others, especially the poor, & rape the land & water resources of our planet, NOT for good, but to pollute it & corrupt it so that it cannot support any decent human or animal life. Living things are not important at all to them, but only money & gold & oil have any true meaning to them. In their PRETEND world, where they seek prestige by having a college degree, but not getting it by the usual method --- studying & learning from school books (or internet sources). They are too LAZY to do all that, so they do things the "easy" way, by paying somebody to take the tests for them, or even better, to BRIBE somebody for their College DIPLOMA. In certain colleges, you can do things by computer, where you never need to attend classes, or be seen by any professor. You can pay Joe Smith to take your tests or write your term papers for you. Just by staying in a hotel for a week or so, to establish "fake" residency requirements to get state approval for their loan, which is graciously provided by Uncle Sam. (Some thru the G.I. Bill, for soldiers) Thus scamming the taxpayers.

    In some cases, among the GOP, they simply have their super-rich fathers BRIBE the college to give them a diploma, in exchange for a big donation to the Alumni Fund, or building a new wing onto the Library, or some other prestigious part of the campus. It must be nice, to be able to graduate college with no effort, no studying, only needing to attend the fraternity booze parties. Which is a prerequisite for a Politician. Many corporate jobs actually need you to be fluent in Boozology, being able to pick the best wines, sniff the cork, wear the correct attire, keep up an interesting repartee, & tell the right jokes that are politically correct. I hesitate to mention this, but its true, many corporate jobs for executives, actually require that they supply their "clients" with booze, dope, & "ladies of the evening" in order to secure the contract. The underbelly of the GOP corporate system is full of sleaze, yet they demand that we respect them for all their experience in being an executive. When actually they are only high-priced dope dealers and pimps. Kinda makes you feel proud you chose a different profession, doesn't it? (or maybe not: ) When you first discover this little secret, it makes you lose your innocence about the whole free-enterprise system (capitalism). I have always loved this system until I found out there are moral aspects that need to be corrected. But in general, it seems to keep this nation extremely prosperous.

    Now I should be getting to the point. For YEARS now, the GOP have been asking "Where is Obama's Birth Certificate?" & their candidates have been pushing the agenda, to constantly suggest that Obama was not born in America, & is not a U.S. citizen, & therefore not qualified to be the President of the United States. As usual, the GOP are making fools of themselves for being THIS STUPID, since we are supposed to believe that anyone who graduated college as a Lawyer & a Professor of Constitutional Law, would not be smart enough to KNOW the Qualifications to be President of the United States? We KNOW that Obama was never that dumb in his entire life. But we can probably expect that the GOP in general, are dumb enough to NOT KNOW that Hawaii is the 50th State of the US, & the 50th star in our flag. So when Obama was born in Hawaii, on August 4th 1961, he was BORN IN AMERICA, to a white mother who is a US citizen, born in Kansas. Those facts meet ALL the criteria for Obama to officially be born a United States citizen. No other requirements are needed to prove his citizenship. It is simply a FACT.

    But for some reason, the ding-bat Republicans love to create confusion, even getting Donald Trump to act like he has completely lost his mind in asking those same old questions over & over like a robot. I can't even imagine the Low Level IQ they are pandering to, as you would figure that anybody dumb enough to believe Obama is not American, would be too stupid to find their way to the voting booth. It is just INCREDIBLE that people in the United States in the 21st century, could possibly be such morons. It almost makes me believe that we should have some kind of minimum intelligence requirements, like a literacy test, for Voting. Does this sound too extreme? Well, to refresh your memory, the Founding Fathers did not allow everyone to vote. The Indians could not vote, the Negro slaves could not vote, & even the white men in the colonies could not vote unless they were "property owners." WOMEN COULD NOT VOTE, & they were NOT allowed to vote for 144 years, until the year 1920. It is only understandable from the point of view, that they couldn't allow "illiterate" people to make important decisions that would affect this infant democracy, & we needed men of education, experience, & reliability to guide this new nation in its most fragile beginning period.

    Which brings up the MODERN ERA, where we apparently allow the dumbest idiots in the universe to go to the polls to make all their political decisions based on BS from the mouth of radio host Rushbo. Who had the distinction of being a college drop-out, a doper, a draft dodger, & a disc jockey for the GOP. Very well paid, I might add, for spreading LIES & pure propaganda, non-stop on our radio airwaves for the last 28 years. It is phenomenal how many people are glued to his rhetoric every day, like he was their personal Uncle Wiggly. I feel sorry for Rushbo, as he only gets paid $millions of dollars every year, & was given the title: "Honorary Member of Congress" by the GOP. But poor Rushbo was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth, since his father was a lawyer in MO, who owned a radio station & part of the airport. So you might say, Rushbo was a poor little rich boy, whose golden voice bought him adulation & prosperity. Unfortunately, it did NOT buy him "honesty" or "integrity" - NONE.

    But in prosperous GOP-land, honesty can be a real "drag" -- putting a real crimp in your popularity curve. In order to be subject of hero worship in the Right-wing, you must be a real accomplished LIAR, (with a straight face) & able to convince your rabid followers that UP is DOWN, & RED is GREEN, & BLACK is WHITE. (And then it naturally follows that Obama is a Muslim & He has no American birth certificate). See how simple? If you have NO SOUL or CONSCIENCE, you TOO can be a right-wing show host. Getting paid $millions to spread acres of manure all over America, to influence the elections of the world's greatest super power, & the hallmark of Democracy. Yep, spread it on thick, Rushbo. With your help, we are well on our way to being an Idiocracy, -- govt of, by & for the Idiots. For it is the objective of the Leaders of the GOP, to so inhibit education, & intelligent voting, that we will easily fall into the hands of Fascist leaders, who will destroy our govt, & make our power as a people very small, small enough to be drowned in a bathtub. Yep, Grover Norquist said it well. He wants to "drown" our Uncle Sam --- & ALL OF US. Please do not take this as a "joke" --- these people play for keeps. They want to destroy democracy & our whole way of life, where we have freedom & power & prosperity. They are rapidly taking away our rights (to vote & make our private choices) & they are taking away union rights for workers, & they are trying to set up a system of Endless War, so their greed can seek OIL in any other nation on earth, & our soldiers will be slaves to carry out that objective, at minimum pay. The leaders of the JBS always studied Lenin, Marx, & Hitler to learn their methods, & then followed that plan here in the USA (for the last 55 years). It has been WORKING, & our system of politics has been severely damaged by their horrible tactics of deception, subversion, propaganda, "rigging" elections, & even systematically assassinating a few of our leaders. (Think of the "coincidence" that 3 Kennedy's were KILLED while running for election, & JFK (Jr) in an explosion in mid-air in his airplane, which is NOT caused by "pilot error" -- but by sabotage. This happened right after JFK (Jr) said he might want to pursue a "political career." (Too "coincidental" for me to swallow). Then add that Daddy Bush (Prez #41) deliberately "destroyed" CIA files on the JFK Assassination, while he was in office. These files were to be opened & made public in the year 2039. (which is 26 yrs from now). But Bush made sure we would never be able to find out ALL the truth about the JFK Ass'n, due to HIS destroying the evidence! (Looks pretty suspicious, to me). Like maybe a little "cover-up"?

    The GOP has been advancing a subversive agenda for 55 years, & using propaganda, subversion, "rigging" elections, & even killing some of our Democratic candidates. Once upon a time, (before 1958) the Republican Party were honorable allies of the Democrats in our great political system of democracy. But since 1958, the JBS (John Birch Society) has been working away undercover like a termite infestation in a forest. It has undermined & nearly destroyed the fabric of democracy, since it is now filled with circus clowns, LIARS, infiltrators & Enemies of the State.
    They have developed into the TEA PARTY, which is so corrupt that they will overtly drive this nation into total bankruptcy, & deliver our ruined nation into the command of foreign entities. Their stupid comedy routine is used only to beguile you into believing that they are only harmless clowns, (not to worry) but underneath, that circus clown is thrusting a knife into the heart of America. Why ELSE would they tell stupid horrible LIES about our President, & use such ignorant crazy & foolish reasons, in attempt to control our next election? It would make Thomas Jefferson jump on his horse & ride the streets again, telling the people to REVOLT against an Evil Intruder into our system of democracy. We should STOP the TEA PARTY, before it goes to the next level. They (& Sara Palin) have said they want REVOLUTION. That is NOT THE WAY to stop a traitor in our midst, hell bent on major destruction of our national govt. You HAVE SEEN what they want -- a SHUT DOWN of our Govt, & the loss of our prestige around the world, and loss of our AAA Credit Ratings -- & -- the DEATH of AMERICA. That is what they want, most of all. The GOP has let this internal sabotage of their Party go on for 55 yrs, not doing anything to stop it. -- IT IS TIME THEY DID. STOP IT RIGHT NOW.
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    "Eternal" you are a good writer, but words alone do not change people. Sorry to say in this culture the way I looked at it from the outside, you got a lot of weirdo's and that will stay that way. Unless through sound education a change in mentalty is teached. However our culture does not allow such, due to the fact of the censored media influence on our society as well as: Kids grow up with guns, shooting, killing, my way or the highway, militarism, hatred against other cultures than the American one, fanatic religeous groups, our Rambo culture, our greed, corruption, bad example leaders, balance between poor and rich totally out of wack. meddling by us over the whole world, fighting wars against people who never attacked us, etc.

    Long stories or short ones do not change those facts. This culture here is doomed if we stay on this track. Our leaders are the worst examples.
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    Hi Dutch: Thanks for your comment. It sure is not easy to figure out the solution to this complex problem. We have been mired in it for 55 yrs, with no solution in sight. But it only gets worse, & no better. One can only keep trying, one day at a time.
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    We have got to start NOTICING a few important things -- that most of the GOP, especially the TEA PARTY, are basically too dumb to run a recycling bin, so HOW did they all get elected to such high office? Well, for many years, the GOP has learned all techniques of "rigging" elections, so they just sneak a candidate in, with "false credentials" --- often including a "fake" college diploma. THINK ABOUT IT. We know that the Tea Party is famous for always saying everything upside down & backwards. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. Another way to think of it, is that they always say THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH. So while they are all insisting (ad nauseum) that Obama does NOT have a birth certificate, they are keeping Dems on the defensive, & distracted, so they haven't noticed that NONE of the Tea Partiers have the most basic qualifications to run for high office. And that may also include a college degree. Sarah Palin, for instance, has supposedly been to several colleges, but does she actually have a degree? We do know she did some cheer-leading while in high school. She is a cute girl, who can tell some wicked jokes, & almost sound like a beauty queen runner-up. But does she have a college diploma? Really?

    A Tea Party guy who was at a rally at the Veterans Memorial a few days ago, was telling people that Obama was a Muslim, who should "lay down the Koran, & leave Wash DC with his hands up" -- (as if being arrested). News records show that it was Larry Klayman, from Freedom Watch. The way he acted, & the crazy things he said, made me wonder who that Larry Klayman was? Turns out that he "supposedly" has 2 college degrees, one of them a Law degree (from -??- college). NOW THIS BEGS THE QUESTION: If somebody is smart enough to get two college degrees, & become a Lawyer, how come he is too stupid to look up Obama's birth certificate, religious affiliation, & previous jobs? It is ALL a matter of public record that Obama has been a Professor of Constitutional Law, - & a U.S. Senator. Not to mention U.S. President, for 5 yrs. It is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE to look this stuff up. So why does Klayman talk like a garbage man who just fell off a meat truck? He & other Tea heads (like Donald
    Trump) all act like they can't manage basic reason? (Much less, basic research).

    It wouldn't hurt to look up Ted Cruz's place of birth, since his UK certificate might make him only a Canadian citizen, & not truly an official American citizen, with any possibility to ever become U.S. President. Not that anyone thinks Cruz could possibly have the type of character & credentials to be a flea circus dog trainer, but that is another question. It would just be interesting to find out how many of the Grand Circle of Tea Partiers truly have any reasonably high attributes, that they want us to believe they have? It's all smoke & mirrors.

    One of these days, I will take some extra time to look up ALL of the Tea Party (Mad Hatter's Club) & see what jobs they REALLY DO have any REAL qualifications for. Because, I firmly believe, that if they want to spend FIVE YEARS trying to spread LIES and DOUBT about President Obama's Birth Certificate, -- then We should not cut them any slack, in producing THEIR birth certificates, their job history, & especially THEIR OWN COLLEGE DIPLOMA, --- as PROOF of their qualifications (if any) for some kind of high public office. There has been some kind of rumor that Larry Klayman may have been in trouble lately, but haven't seen all the proof yet. But it still seems fairly odd for a guy with 2 college degrees, one of them for being a Lawyer, would be making rabble-rousing speeches in Wash DC saying "the President is a Muslim, praying to the Koran, & needs to get up off his knees, & march out of Wash DC, with his hands up." To LIE & ridicule the President, is such a terrible low-life thing to do, especially in front of many veterans & retired soldiers. At any other time in this nation, if anybody DARED to treat the President like this, with such disrespect, -- he'd probably be arrested & locked up for a few hours (at least) until his bug juice wore off.

    But, while the whole Govt was "shut down" -- the police were too busy doing other things, so they could not bother with a few nutcases who were holding an audience at the Veterans Memorial. This could be a TEST CASE, for the screwball right wing to see what happens to people who do unlawful things during a shutdown. Sedition & outrageous speeches do not attract too much attention, & when the Tea Party later on wants to start a REAL Revolution, they know exactly where the vulnerable places are, & where they can take advantage of the situation to "takeover" the govt of the United States. This whole Tea Party of "None dare call it Treason" -- is gearing up to destroy our wonderful govt we've had for over 237 years, & to turn it into a fascist oligarchy. Remember, JBS = John Birch Society, has been doing subversion since 1958, & then later on it became the Tea Party, now gaining so much power & influence, they can overwhelm what's left of our "democracy."

    (That's because Robt Welch (JBS) did not believe in democracy) & so has been working to destroy it for the last 55 years). Their total infiltration has been working well, & now they have brain-washed many millions of Americans to blindly follow them, as they TRULY jump over the cliff, & end our way of life as we know it. (Democracy, the dream of mankind to rule themselves, to have freedom & justice, & to seek the true answers to world peace). Democracy first began in Athens, Greece in 500 BC. / Soon it could end in the USA, 2013. -- I hate to see it end, & wish there was something we could do. What is wrong? -- Are there not enough of us? -- Are we too timid? -- Or is it just too unbelievable? Yes, that's it.

    Nobody wants to believe it. We are all too prosperous, happy, full of "freedom" & can't believe that it all could end. It's easier to believe in UFO's flying over Nevada, than to believe our govt could be shut down, bankrupted, or taken over. Even the sight of T-Bag agitators out on the capitol square, holding insulting ridiculous signs, does not startle or awaken us. I guess there is NOTHING LEFT that COULD.

    So we have let down our guard, allowing Tea Baggers to run amok, since they are only sweet harmless little clowns. (wrong). //

    "Do not look outside yourselves for the Leader. The time has come for action. Gather together, for mutual support. ---- PRAY for Guidance. --- --- "WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR." -- (quote by Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger) --- from the Hopi Indian Elders.
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    "Eternal' thanks for yr reply. Your statement above again shows as I said that "normal" people in our present society are hard to find.
    It is basicly the same as polution; it is easy to polute, but much harder to clean it all up. Florida is an great example of that. The sea is totally poluted here, including the politics. I guess this will not change. Brains are optional nowadays; your I-Pad thinks for you, so you do not need any.
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    Dutch there's plenty of "normal" people in our present society, and they aren't hard to find. They are all around us, but the thing is most "normal" people are too smart, or too honest, to get into politics.

    There are not many "normal" elected officials in government, so you are right about that.
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    I don't see as much "action" on the Hub as usual, so it must be Football Season. I don't know what teams you favor, but I prefer to work for the Blue Team, (the Democratic Party) as hard as I can. That is the only game in town, as far as I can tell. In the End of Time, nobody will know or care what guys played on what team in an insignificant sports game, but somewhere in the History Books, as long as human minds can read, there will always be a record of the Political Leaders of any civilized nation, & give them credit for their accomplishments. And somewhere in the footnotes on a dusty raggedy page, there may be mention of a writer (just an insignificant ghost writer) who attempted to keep track of little details, some fairly special memories, of the way our country used to be. Pages that most likely will crumble into dust, long before they are ever read.

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    eternal flame --

    You are right about it being football season...I'm a Denver Broncos and Payton Manning fan.

    You know I agree with you on many of your points, especially your research on the John Birch Society and Tea Party...exactly the same when it comes to their policies. I've spent considerable time in the past researching the Tea Party platform and comparing it to JBS stated policies on issues and they are identical. Of course that should not be a surprise either when one looks at the source of funding for the Tea Party...mostly Koch brothers driven. Every time I have looked at the JBS Leadership team I have seen a slate of old white men. But now they have added one token woman...Deborah Pauly. Her Facebook page shows her strong Tea Party ties...a female version of Ted Cruz perhaps.

    In watching the antics (or should I say paranoia) of ordinary good Americans supporting the Tea Party and their new champion, Ted Cruz, it defies all logic. I know you have used the term "brain washing" in the past, but those Texans and others cheering on Cruz must have some kind of mental condition. I keep reading about the brain and how it develops from a baby to adult. You might find this article interesting:

    University of Maine, Children and Brain Development: What We Know About How Children Learn

    You can read the article, but briefly it addresses how the brain develops from a baby to adult, forming synapses or connections between neurons to build the neural network that will ultimately define his/her character and critical thinking skills. So I believe early childhood development does play a major role in ones political make-up. And I wonder, for example, how children growing up with the James Dobson philosophy for Child Obedience training differ as they become adults with those growing up with more freedom to think. From the article:

    "In the first decade of life, a child’s brain forms trillions of connections or synapses. Axons connect to dendrites, and chemicals called neurotransmitters help send messages (called “impulses”) across the resulting synapses. Each individual neuron may be connected to as many as 15,000 other neurons, forming a network of neural pathways that is immensely complex. This elaborate network is sometimes referred to as the brain’s “wiring” or “circuitry.” As the neurons mature, more and more synapses are made. At birth, the number of synapses per neuron is 2,500, but by age two or three, it’s about 15,000 synapses per neuron. This is like going from 100 to 600 friends on Facebook, and each of those friends in turn, is connected to 600 more people! The neural network expands exponentially. If they are not used repeatedly, or often enough, they are eliminated. In this way, experience plays a crucial role in “wiring” a young child’s brain. Brain development does not stop after early childhood, but it is the foundation upon which the brain continues developing. Early childhood is the time to build either a strong and supportive, or fragile and unreliable foundation. These early years are very important in the development that continues in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. "

    So maybe it's just hopeless to try and sway these people. They are incapable of critical thinking because that's the way their brains have been "wired" from their childhood. Many have probably been home schooled.

    Just speculating. I am certainly not an expert on the subject and a professional in this field could easily pick my thinking apart.
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    One more point. With respect to Ted Cruz, I should have added this Alternet article:

    AlterNet, October 17, 2013: Ted Cruz's Father Suggested His Son Is 'Anointed' to Bring About 'End Time Transfer of Wealth'

    "In a sermon last year at an Irving, Texas, megachurch that helped elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate, Cruz' father Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as "kings" to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the "Seven Mountains" mandate, and "bring the spoils of war to the priests", thus helping to bring about a prophesied "great transfer of wealth", from the "wicked" to righteous gentile believers. link to video of Rafael Cruz describing the "great transfer of wealth" and the role of anointed "kings" in various sectors of society, including government, who are to "bring the spoils of war to the priests"."

    So now one might better understand how Ted Cruz's brain has been wired from birth.
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    Hello Schmidt: You have really made my Day!! I will go follow all your links & articles, & maybe can get some idea why our attempts seem to do absolutely no good when trying to persuade a bircher or a T-Partier. I tend to get frustrated & then angry with them, instead of digging deeper into their psyche, to figure out where the critical thinking got messed up. I think you are RIGHT ON, as far as trying to make the connections. Maybe the whole approach could be more sympathetic & outreaching, so as to give them a "safe place to fall." It would be so nice if the disaffected ones in the JBS or T-Party, had some place where they felt at home, & could go & accept some new ideas, & realize that their "enemies" were not fire-breathing dragons. ALSO, we have both probably thought about this aspect of things: The isolation from other people who do not 100% think their way, keeps them from even exploring the alternative ideas. Probably got punished if they ever did want to check out any "liberal" ideas, or associate with any people with "different" opinions. Soon, the echo chamber is all they can hear, & all they WANT to hear. --- Fade to Black : )
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    lets call it what it is............ redneck America, poor, uneducated, un insured (no teeth) unemployed and mad as hell that he will be the miniority in 25 years. You had it good for a long long time. Tea party and the conservative movement.......cowards that flock easier then sheep
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    Hello again: (L.A. Citizen) --- By the way did I ever mention that I love Los Angeles? Anyway, in recent yrs I have had a few conversations with people from "hill billy" territory, and was absolutely SHOCKED at their level of (shall I say) ignorance? It is hard to believe that in our civilized modern 21st century America, that there could possibly be any people that live almost like neanderthals, --- It seems mostly due to extreme poverty & the lack of a good educational system. Most kids are home-schooled by their moms, who barely have a 3rd grade education themselves. A friend of mine drove through there a few years ago & she described the people as some kind of "road-kill" -- but I thought that might be too unkind. Yet, you will find an entire population of thousands who live & breathe every word Rushbo says. They even call all their relatives in other states to repeat all of Rushbo's ideas, & ask each other if its true. NOW we know why we have so many stupid people elected to our govt, since there are places in the deep South where they would actually elect a dept store manniken for office, if it wore a sign saying "Vote 4 Me & get Free Beer."

    Let's see: People being forced to be "home-schooled" which perpetuates total "ignorance" -- which means they can't make a good decent living wage, so they live in perpetual poverty. They can't even afford to LEAVE that area, due to total lack of money. So they are forced to stay there, working for BELOW minimum wages, doing exactly what they are told, or be UNEMPLOYED. Their living conditions are very primitive, almost like the old "slaves" before the Civil War. --- Eureka! The deep South is the area of "old time SLAVERY" & these people are often the direct descendants of the old "slaves". Very high % of black population, & the whites who remain are usually downtrodden & have trouble staying employed, often due to issues of alcoholism or drugs. It is also the area of Big Tobacco, Weed, & Moonshine. And in the past they had a few textile mills where they made Levi Jeans. Poor people look for any way out, so they often spend their meager paychecks buying lottery tickets, or gambling. Politicians will take advantage of these people, & promise them higher wages. KEEP IN MIND that these poor uneducated people are voting for & putting into office, a whole lot of rich, greedy, unscrupulous REPUBLICANS, who will NEVER try to improve their horizons. So the whole sad travesty will just keep on repeating itself, from one generation to another. And the South will keep on electing morons who want to SECEDE from the Union, or ABOLISH their own healthcare, or Impeach the President,-- & of course, make it necessary to have Bazooka GUNS in every classroom. (Cuts the cost of the school cafeteria, if kids can "shoot their own lunch" -- Yep, the "Roadkill Special" -- swamp critter meatballs or alligator stew.
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    Just want to point out the daughter of senator Manchin has no degree is a billionaire CEO of the pharmaceutical corporation who make epi pens. It's not the teabaggers who invented nepotism. It's the billionaire parasite class.
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    I was reading this post and was not focusing on the dates. 3 years ago but it could have been written yesterday. These issues are still very problematic. Even 3 years ago there was not enough site traffic. Sad because the problems are harsh and solutions are not apparent.
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    This thread from the past is a bit off topic. However, since you brought it up, I'll just reinforce what you said with this Washington Post article:

    Washington Post, August 24, 2016: CEO at center of EpiPen price hike controversy is Sen. Joe Manchin’s daughter

    "The growing congressional scrutiny of pharmaceutical giant Mylan over the high cost of EpiPens could prove awkward for Sen. Joe Manchin.

    "The West Virginia Democrat’s daughter, Heather Bresch, is chief executive of the company, which appears to have hiked the price of the epinephrine auto-injector by 400 percent since 2007. The device, which is used to treat severe allergic reactions, now costs more than $600 per dose."

    I don't know if she is a billionaire though.