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A remarkable critique of political conservatism

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    THE CURSE OF CONSERVATISM is the title of this book by someone named Coleman Luck.
    Not quite to the point of his hearing Satan's hiss from the Tea Party, yet his diss-cuss-ion
    of the syncretism of politics and religion even included, at least once, the term "blasphemy".
    A significance of his context could have been written by an atheist ultra-liberal!! Only his
    fundamentalist/literalist religiousness and purist-conservatism keeps him from such sin.

    Mr. Luck, traces his familial lineage far back through early American prominence (and slave-
    owning). Aside from one great-great-great- (or more) grandmother who was hanged by the
    Puritans for teaching the Bible, it appears that his forebears were fine, upstanding, successful,
    no doubt very conservative folk.

    And Mr. Luck, himself is no left-wing, "lib-tard", hand out for hand-out type. Successful he
    is, by contemporary American mammon standards. But beyond that, he's an evangelical
    Christian!! Very much so, to the point of accepting the reality of Satan, and the inevitability
    and perhaps proximity of the Second Coming.

    The fascinating concatenation of such doctrinal disjoint from the main body of evangelical
    espousal is based on the error, even sin, of the recent religious right. And that has been to
    co-opt big business, big capitalization, big capitalist-names. The worst case thereof that he cites
    (so far -- I haven't finished it) in the book was that "the largest 'evangelical Christian' university
    in the world -- Liberty University of Lynchburg, VA -- invited Donald Trump, a false prophet
    of egomania, wealth, and narcissism if ever there was one, to address their fall convocation."
    (p. 49% -- I'm reading it on Kindle).

    I highly recommend the book to everyone: liberal, conservative, religious, secular, devout,
    debauched even . . . for there's something in Mr. Luck's errantly erudite evangelism's
    evaluation of the devaluation of and by political conservatism . . . .there's something to
    both intrigue, enlighten, and thoroughly annoy. . . . . . . . everyone.

    THE CURSE OF CONSERVATISM BY Coleman Luck. Get it.
    (I hope this isn't considered "spamming". Another website banned me forever because I
    made mention of my own published books in a couple posts. I'm not touting, have nothing
    to gain, don't know Mr. Luck, and though I completely agree with him, otherwise and in
    other ways I just as completely disagree with him!! I dare not mention my own book
    as juxtaposition to his. "Literary self-promotion leadeth unto spam/ban??)
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    Your post prompted me to read additional reviews in the Amazon book reviews.

    Amazon Product Reviews: The Curse of Conservatism

    The reviewers focus an several aspects of the Christian evangelical minds. For those of us that have tried to understand their mindsets, this book helps, but I doubt that any of the current Christian evangelic hard core base of the Republican Party is ready to heed Luck's advice. They would rather follow Ted Cruz down his path of self-destruction than give President Obama one inch....America be damned.

    PS - You might be interested in another but related forum topic, Understanding the Republican Mindset
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    I like Mr. Luck's book because he recognizes how misguided the “religious right” is, and even though he himself is a devout evangelical Christian he understands it is wrong – both on a scriptural and constitutional basis – to use religion to try to rule politically.

    Mr. Luck also cites how the lust for wealth and power exemplified by political conservatives is wrong, and he cites many reasons why since 1981 the collusion between the Reaganite Republican Party and right-wing Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians has been not only a failure, but a disaster.

    Also, I see value in the book, because like the message I promote, it distinguishes between true Christians and the blind flocks who have been led astray by false shepherds and false prophets -- just as Jesus predicted.