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the need for more political parties.

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    with two parties you have the mess you see now, only two points of view to pick from. we need to establish at least two more viable parties. an independent and a radical party. new goals, insights, and ideas. we really would have to work together. it mighe not hurt to increase the supreme court to twelve and devide it by four views.
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    Sorry Bull but I can't I don't agree with that concept, more politicians means more special interest groups, what should be done away with is all those Lobbyists, ads far as the Supreme Court jurist's they should be better vetted and not have any political leanings or at least not be part of any rulings that could affect their own political or their personal feelings, and just stick to the Constitution for their rulings.
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    Most countries have more than two political parties and for good reason. More parties equals more choice for the citizens and more cooperation between the parties in order to gain and hold their power.

    As usual, you have it backwards!
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    As it stands now, we have the Democratic Party, the so-called Republican Party (which is now being torn in 2, by the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party) & then we have (under the radar) the Neo-con Party, which includes neo-Nazis and the gun lobby. Then we have the bygone Green Party of Ralph Nader, which worked for better environment. We have had the Independent Party, which usually served only to divide up the votes away from the dominant party & to weaken its strong-hold. I guess a few new parties arise now & then, but soon fall back into obscurity, since they don't get the financial backing like any of the Main parties, & maybe only get on ballots of a few states. In MY humble opinion, it is almost dangerous to allow 3 or more parties, since it is a way often "used" by right wingers to "sabotage" an election.

    If you have 2 clear known parties, you can decide which one expresses your ideals & beliefs the best. You can take time to study the character & credentials of the 2 guys, & listen to them (in verbal combat) during one or two Debates. You have 2 clear distinct choices, & not need to study an encyclopedia full of people, in order to figure out who is the best. In busy America today, most people probably won't do all the homework necessary to study 5 or more candidates.

    The last election, the GOP had about 7 to 9 candidates, & ALL of them on stage, arguing with each other, made an amusing spectacle, & got an audience to tune in to watch them, (like a circus side show) --- BUT when all was said & done, we did not learn anything about them, that added to our ability to respect them or trust them, to be the Leader of the Free World. Like for instance the Pizza Guy, who could not pronounce the name of even ONE foreign leader? But he sure could pronounce "Pepperoni" fairly well. // President Obama could outwit him with earmuffs on, a blindfold on, & with 2 kazoo's stuck in his mouth. There is only ONE real reason for the Republicans to DISLIKE Obama, & that is because in ANY free & honest election, NONE of them could ever be "better" than Obama --- not in honesty, integrity, education, character, or experience, -- not in speaking ability or debate, not in intellectual & critical thinking, not in "true" admirable qualities of unselfish service to humanity. I have never seen a man who is more perfectly qualified to be President of the United States, in my life). Every single day Obama is doing 10 near miraculous things, while the rest of public servants, (among the GOP) are doing NOTHING but causing chaos & financial ruin to our economy. The general "sleazy" corrupt attitudes of the GOP, make them easily pale into crum-ball numbskull status, compared to Obama. We have a PRIZE among men, & someone who has won a Nobel Peace Prize, which tells about his true ideals, which have been thwarted by the Republican War Machine at almost every turn. They are "hell bent" to wage ETERNAL WAR (which is written in their Agenda) not to mention a prime objective for 2 ex-Presidents of the GOP, who were in the Skull & Bones Society at Yale.

    (Three (3) members of the Bush family -- Geo "W" Bush; daddy Geo H.W. Bush; & grandpa Prescott Bush; were ALL in the Skull & Bones) & when Grandpa Prescott Bush was a business man, he invested in & supported the Third Reich in Nazi Germany, by giving huge amounts of money to "I. G. Farben" -- a prime industry in Nazi Germany, that built weapons, concentration camps, & even produced Zyklon gas used to kill the Jews in the ovens. Grandpa Bush was so excited about his support for Nazi Germany, that he kept right on doing it, until stopped by the U.S. Govt's "Trading With the Enemy Act" of 1942. There is some rumor about secret deals that went on afterwards, but it is enough to see what his morals were, even in time of war. -- Money FIRST, & U.S. Patriotism long afterwards.

    If you want to know even MORE about the Bush Family & their allegiance to forces of greed & evil, there is a great movie about it called "Dark Legacy" & it tells how daddy Bush's CIA days put him at the location of JFK's assassination, only seconds after the shots were fired. There is a photo in the JFK Assassination archives showing Daddy Bush at the TX School Book Depository Bldg. (on 11/22/63) // It is also interesting to note that many important CIA files (& other important historical records) were "destroyed" by Prez George H.W. Bush, while he was in office. Why? Gee, it could not be to "hide the truth" from the American people, could it? The whole truth was to be kept in secrecy & not revealed to the US population until the year 2039. (That means we should have to wait another 26 years!!) That way, anyone who knew JFK or cared about him in any real way --- would be LONG DEAD, before the TRUTH finally came out. And it also meant that the real "killers" would also be DEAD, & so never to face prosecution or punishment for their crimes. Their legacy & reputation would be kept intact & glorious, for all history.

    It's been proven that daddy Bush had several vital Assassination records destroyed, while he was President (#41). The ONLY people that would benefit by that atrocity, would be THOSE who DID IT. (the assassins). And since the true records were not expected to be revealed until 2039, Bush thought that nobody would notice their absence, until he & his cohorts would long ago have been dissolved into ashes.

    Also, in those same govt archives, it says that JFK's son (JFK, Jr) who used to be owner/editor of the magazine GEORGE, who had a law degree, & who was married, & a private pilot --- whose plane CRASHED into the ocean one night while he was flying to a Kennedy family wedding on the East Coast --- and we all were told the plane crash was an "accident" --- ??? NO, that was not exactly true. The plane EXPLODED in mid-air, & then crashed into the ocean. The body was buried at sea, since not much of it was left to bury. The PUBLIC was not ever told the truth
    at the time, but explosions in mid-air do NOT indicate "pilot error" -- so must be the result of "sabotage." It may be worth while to note that in those days before the crash, JFK (Jr) had been suggesting that he might seek a "political" career. (It does seem a bit too coincidental that at least 3 Kennedy's were KILLED while pursuing a "political career." Of course, it must be just a strange recurring "coincidence" - for Democrats only?
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    "More parties equals more choice" is also a novel concept, when was the last time any congressmen/women has actually acted on their own constituents behalf to propose or vote on any Bills that didn't line their own pockets or of some special interest groups, the best formula for a better governing body is to eliminate the Special interest lobby's, then you can have all the parties you would ever need.