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NSA's Keith Alexander set to resign

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  • Center Left
    Denton, TX
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    NSA's director Keith Alexander is set to resign from his office in the spring of 2014. Do you think he is leaving in light of Snowden's leaks? Who do you think will replace him?
  • Independent
    Ft.myers, FL
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    I just saw on the news that Obama wants to appoint an ex-Pentagon asshole to be the head of Homeland security; sure you need a "military fruitcake" to do this job. This whole "security" fear mongering in this country has gotten way out of hand. According to the news this guy will place even more drones around the world. Obama sure has gotten the same Pentagon illness. Guess why we are broke, because of all our worldwide meddling.
    The last country which did the same was Germany; everyone knows how that ended.
  • Democrat
    Philadelphia, PA
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    I don't think it was because of Snowden, perhaps since all of the information regarding spying on our citizens and our Allies became known that maybe that had more do with his resignation rather than the just Snowden problem.