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How "WE THE PEOPLE" can change the way our government operates

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    If you think there needs to be changes in how our government operates - take a look at
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    And, we as Americans, are certainly all proud of you patsyann! Now go and take your meds, PLEEEASE!
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    There is a great movie (short, about one hour) that describes a lot about our govt, & why it may not be working like the founders wanted it to. It tells how our original status changed, as the banking system got bigger & more powerful, & the Federal Reserve System is not being operated by the People, but some organization, (NOT A U.S. GOVT AGENCY, but some cartel of banks). Apparently we cannot find out exactly WHO is in this cartel, & yet they are running the show on our monetary system. The way capitalism works now, it favors the rich, at the cost of all the working class, & at the same time, it works for the War Machine, & for corporations that pollute the environment without mercy. We are given the illusion of democracy, but "money rules" everything: the govt, the media, & our daily life, where we are trained to be "consumers" to enrich the pockets of Big Business. It has a lot of really good information in it, & quotes many very famous philosophers (Freud & Bernays) & govt officials (like Robt Byrd, Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore, Al Gore, -- Woody Harrelson is the narrator). Amazing in its detail, & exciting in its scope, we are given a great history lesson in how our democracy was hijacked, without our knowledge, a long time ago, & who pulls the puppet strings. Why the US is getting closer to bankruptcy every day, after being the richest country on earth, & how DEBT is the major factor, mostly caused by numerous & totally unnecessary WARS, to create an endless need for more Weaponry. All our wars of mass destruction & human devastation have only resulted in such savage mutilation of the environment, that we are shortening the survival of any LIFE that remains on this planet. All in the name of Greed. While it has such a subject, so full of horror, the actual film footage & narrative is vividly presented in a gripping & fascinating manner. I highly recommend it. The TITLE of the Movie is -- "ETHOS" -- (2011) -- (available on NETFLIX & on Amazon, as a streaming video).

    The idea of having a Constitutional Convention to amend our Constitution is a good idea. But it requires that we have 2/3 of the states to vote for the convention; & any amendments have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states. (or something like that). With all the intellectually challenged people we now have in our various legislatures, (ie: T-Party) -- I wonder HOW we could ever "pass" any USEFUL NEW amendments !? We would FIRST have to have an election to get rid of the Tea Party, before we'd have any chance to favorably amend the Constitution. Good Luck: )
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    Everything you say may have some validity or half truth, but as soon as you mentioned Woody Harrelson you lost me. He is a well known nut case agitator and everything he says is suspect and most likely untrue or certainly misleading. We need a lot more politicians like Bernie Sanders in this country rather than fewer. Bernie is one of the shinning stars of the US Senate and I put a lot more faith in him than anything an under informed actor like Harrelson could ever say or believe. You should know better eternal flame!

    here is a review of the movie with some very interesting comments belowI, for one, will pass on this pile of propaganda.

    ps - Woody was just killed in an auto accident this morning in Australia!
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    "we the people can change this government" wow what a stupid statement!!!
    "We" had a chance a thousand times by voting for the right people, but did not. The point of it is very simple; half of America is un-educated and barely can run their own lives; so as always you get a government which reflects the "brains" of the people who vote.

    Then we have the gorgeous structure of "the ones with the biggest wallet wins" and "the ones with the biggest lobby and money support" always wins.

    So in other words due to our voting structure; our government will always be corrupt and "money" minded. So unless we change the whole Constitution , which is impossible, because our lawyers will never allowed it.

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    The link provided in the OP is interesting, and it has some good ideas, as far as it goes.

    I agree that the only way we the people are going to alter and reform our government, as the Founders said we had the right and duty to do when necessary, is though utilizing Article 5 of the Constitution. But I believe we should not only establish new amendments, but also revise or repeal certain existing amendment and articles.

    That's the only way, in my view, that we will be able to establish a government that is actually of the people, by the people, and for the people (rather than of, by and for the richest few); a government that will actually promote the general welfare and establish real equity and justice for all the people, thus establish real domestic tranquility.

    Of course, Eternal Flame is right. Right now the Tea Party and other right-wing Republican and Libertarian extremists would be significant obstacles to significant reform and progress. However, I think the tide is turning because they have increasingly exposed themselves for what they are (Hypocrite, Bigots and Theocrats who serve themselves and Mammon), and they won't last much longer in office.

    As those of you who are familiar with my posts know, I believe in a specific suggested plan for utilizing Article 5 so that we the people may put an end to the rule of money, an end to the divisive, counterproductive system of partisan politics, an end to the presidential form of monarchy, and an end to the divisive competition for the throne -- because we should share the power and the wealth and level the playing field.

    The plan both liberates and empowers the people, giving us actual equal opportunity to name who we want to represent us, rather than having to choose between the partisan candidates that arise through the partisan political party process, thus putting an end to the partisan political system.

    Anyone interested in reading about that plan can read The 21st Century Declaration of Independence: How America Can Become a Truly Good Example to the World.