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balls and backbones

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    Julian, CA
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    These loony activities in the U.S. Congress reveal how much these Robber Barons Stooges HATE the American people and this shutdown cost 24 million in taxes and earned the total contempt and disgust of nations all over the planet and many of these nations own a lot of the U.S. Governments debts.
    It has been a very long wait but finally the President and the Dems proved they really do have balls and backbones and refused to give in to such flagrant extortion.
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    A big.......... "Amen"

    Again, America has spoken with an approach that is closest to humanity and the improvement of our economy. There's a lot of road left to travel with the huge debt, medical care improvements for all Americans, protecting the environment, gun control, bringing our troops home, and many others including saying "no" to the covert 1% class destroying our livelihood.

    Please, let 2014 elections continue with the removal of these poor politicians ruining our country. Get rid of those liken to Ted Cruz.