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Selling America's Democracy

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    We have to get the money out of politics and be careful about the supreme court where they are deciding again if they will
    allow more money to flow into politics and continue buying our government for the 1%. This government works
    the best when it is run - --By the People and For the People, NOT the 1%.
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    Uncle Sam held hostage. Isn't that a nice picture to behold? Our kids watching the govt of the great United States, teetering on the brink of self-destruction by a bunch of Tea Baggers? Halloween holds no horror worse than that, even though at the same time, it is a pretty funny sight. I wish George Washington was here to see it. I wish he and the Founders would all show up to tell us what to do, since I am SURE they would not be sitting up all night trying to find a way to APPEASE those far-right rascals. There has to be a way, hidden in the least used laws of the land, to overcome this situation we find ourselves in. There have to be situations in which the President could have certain agitators or criminals arrested for Treason. Putting the US in jeopardy of losing our AAA ratings, should be enough. Having no worries about shutting down the Govt of the greatest super power on earth, is number TWO. And not having enough people employed in critical areas, like defense, or the EPA, or weather bureau, or food inspections, etc is number THREE. And the fact that this serious breach of national security has been accomplished by a bunch of impostors (like the Tea Party) jeopardizing not only us, but all our allies, is number FOUR. The world authorities on economic INDEXES, & security of Govts, noticing that the United States is officially incapable of operating under our normal conditions, but is rendered semi-helpless by a small number of fanatics (if not lunatic fringe). THE Whole WORLD KNOWS, & this makes it very serious.

    Even after the magic hour of Midnite, Oct 17th arrives, & the danger is averted one more time, we can't let this situation be repeated over & over again, each time worse than the last. The founders would not stand around watching Tea Party fanatics disrupt this whole govt, & just smile & watch the credit ratings fall lower & lower, & another debt increase of $24 million get racked up by the GOP. Meantime, have the TP learned their lesson? NO. They have just vowed to "keep on fighting, even harder" the next time.

    Geez, besides shutting down the govt & risking our AAA ratings, & falling over the cliff with the debt ceiling, what ELSE do they have in mind? (if they have a mind). Larry Klayman, claiming to have a law degree, (by what mail order course, we can only imagine) said he wants Obama to give up the Koran & leave Wash DC with his "hands up" as if being arrested. This kind of talk is not only crazy, but is "sedition" -- actionable offenses against the primary Leader of the Free World. In the olden times, this L.K. would have been picked up by the palace guard & summarily executed. Obama has been supremely patient & lenient with these creeps, & it is about time he makes it clear that lunatics can't be running the asylum. Hmmm -- Robt Welch [JBS] used those exact same words, he said that "someday the lunatics would be running the asylum." (Little did he know that the JBS would become the Tea Party, now being run by the Koch Bros). NEXT: These creeps have allowed the US Govt to go at least $24 million deeper into debt, as a direct result of their unnecessary "shut down" -- SO, WHO SHOULD PAY FOR IT? My first guess would be the financial backers of the Tea Party, the VERY WEALTHY Koch Bros, who only make $75 billion a year. They can easily pick up that ($24M) tab with just their pocket change. So, let them show their "patriotism" by helping Uncle Sam recover from this most recent upheaval. [The Shutdown] which was largely caused by Koch Bros "own" propaganda mill. Since they caused the damage, then they should "pay for it."