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Forthcoming of Halloween is a sign of our times

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    Gobblins, bats, spooky and crawly things, how I grew up in America loving this night of celebration. Now my thoughts run deep in a national debt crisis, people out of jobs, bank failures and our image around the world. A bunch of selfish Tea Party Republicans holding our country hostage is not easy to accept. Many say it is their freedom to do this and that this is their way to pollute American politics and make poor to fend for themselves.
    I was always taught to help those in need and I find that our current system, although expensive, is the best way to do this. I can't support a serfdom being created by Ted Cruz and his Kroh brothers to put America into turmoil. Ted Cruz and family needs to go back to Cuba. The Kroh brothers should have their assets investigated because I'm sure our country can find something treasonous on what interests they are controlling.

    On Halloween, a fun filled night of tricks and treats, I asked my grandchildren on what they were wearing for Halloween. After they were thrilled to tell me about their costumes, they ask me what I was going to dress up as for Halloween. I first informed them, I'll go as Barney or Big Bird. They resounded back with, "that's lame and not creative". So, I said, I guess I can go as a Tea Party Republican. They screeched and said, "Grandpa, somebody will shoot you." I was surprised by that comment. Ok, I said, I'll go as a Westboro Baptist minister. They knew that one and said that was just plain "stupid". So, I told them I can go as Mylie Cyrus or Lady Gaga and if I go as Mylie I can sing her daddy's song "Achy, Breaky, Heart". All my grandchildren (6) said, "what's that?". They did not know the song.

    Point I'm making is these kids are paying attention to the politics and the current media stars, but not the not so old songs. Our children are learning from this mess America is in and may not express themselves like adults are currently doing. Be careful, America, these children grow up and if it looks bad to them now, most likely it will be bad to them when they run for Congress. I believe our country will come out of this political mess, because our children may have the answers.

    Happy Halloween
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    Well, Ted Cruz is from Canada, not Cuba. And we shouldn't be encouraging any to leave the country just because we disagree with them. However, we do need to educated on how to think critically and solve problems, especially when it comes to the government.
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    For those of you who support Ted Cruz and haven't read his bio, he is a Canadian born son of Cuban parents. No way could he ever run for President.

    Neither is he a true Tea Party leader not being born in America. As a teenager, his father fought for Fidel Castro, who if you'll recall is and was a Communist and a dictator.

    Now I'd like to know how anyone in a Democratic society can trust a Canadian-born off-spring of a Communist?

    The Tea Party was an exclusive American rebellion where true Americans rejected the taxation of the King of England that was forced upon America. Those taxes left America for benefit of England.

    In the USA today, our taxes go to pay for rebels like Ted Cruz who's Government shutdown cost American taxpayers $8 BILLION EACH DAY FOR 16 DAYS = $128 BILLION.

    I'd like to know how running up an expense of $128 BILLION for a rebellion benefits any American.