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    An excerpt from
    THE NEW SURVIVAL ECONOMY (which I wrote years ago).
    (is Capitalism just feudalism with its nepotism cut off ?)
    the life-long automobile -- human energies as natural resources -- recreation
    as re-creation – socialisticapitalism -- collaborating alternatives of power and
    person -- and a hell of a lot more convoluted considerations.

    Except for a few very minor mentions updating concerns with environmental situations and technological innovations, the following is what and as I wrote it back in the late 1960s. This was my second “writing”. The first was Fat Pickins’, somewhat a do-it-yourself book combined with auto-biography (mine, of course).
    In this, The New Survival Economy, I was off into philosophical and sociological rant. And ramble. And vacillation, ambivalence, lability, contradiction, and worse.
    I’ve not edited the original spew from my frustrated mind back then. All the focal faults are plain for the reader to see.
    And it’s, in part, because of the literary ludicry (not to mention socio-scientific sophomorism) that I feel this original first-draft deluge represents a fascinating psychological study of the writer. Me.
    But, that being said in recognition of rambling . . . . .
    I think one can extrapolate the significance of my message and meaning from what I’ve written:
    We’ve got to stop the rampant exploitation of resources, destruction of ecology and climate, and control the pollution.
    To do so we’ll have to change the way we’re living and working as well as the devices and systems we live and work with.
    Self-sustaining durability should be manufactured.
    Repair of components rather than disposal of whole device, thus re-employment of the masses from manufacture into maintenance.
    Re-allocation of human efforts and energies from rampant producer-consumer system into social-service and civic roles and responsibilities.
    Combine capitalism with a socialistic base-level survival guarantee for all, requiring service or activity by all in some capacity or other to benefit society.
    Retain capitalistic opportunity for innovation, ambition, investment, even acquisition, aggrandizement, greed, even econo-predation, thus to provide incentive and establish capitalization and fund philanthropy. And support "high-end" enterprises.
    Maintain economic provision and flow through graduated taxes providing for federal, state, (military, social security, education, police and fire, libraries) . . . . allowing loop-holes and write-offs for charitable trusts, bequests, endowments, etc. as focal disbursements of accumulated personal fortunes.

    Hmmm! Seems that in just the few paragraphs of this foreword I pretty much said what the whole rest of this book just repeats within its complexities and obfuscations, and babbling!!!
    Even so, I think the whole book might be worth reading. For the details. For the realization that within a 40-something year span we haven’t accomplished much other than exacerbating economic entropy