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Obama rejects GOP's offer to extend debt ceiling six weeks

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    Colorado Springs, CO
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    President Obama met with Republican leaders today at the White House. News from the meeting is that Obama has rejected Speaker Boehner's offer to extend the debt ceiling by six weeks, but keeping the government shutdown.

    While the debt ceiling is a real problem, the Tea Party is not taking the shutdown seriously. We need a clean bill on both funding the government and extending the debt ceiling...not a half way approach.
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    Tampa, FL
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    After following his party down the rabbit hole, now Boehner emerges and begins a striptease before President Obama and the Nation. Today, he showed a bit of shoulder. President Obama, the Democrats and the sensible Republicans must continue to stand firm and insist upon reasonable and realistic governance.
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    Ft.myers, FL
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    "extending the debt ceiling" Wow I wished I could do that at home!! Kicking the can down the road is likely anyway the solution.
    As I said many times before there is only one solution; go piece by piece through all the total waste programs and scrap those.
    Start with the ridiculous Pentagon spending; this can be cut 80% for sure and we will still have plenty of fire power stored all over the place.
    All the unemployed military people can then be employed for infrastructure projects; roads, high speed trains, better stormprotection i.e. built decent dykes, water management; reschool them to learn such etc. There are plenty of other total waste programs which should be cut. Another thing: start taxing churches; saw on TV some ministers drive Ferrari's, so this must be a lucrative job. Anybody needs a minister I'm available!!! ( however it will be the church of the devil, I'm speaking from!!!)