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    The Robber Barons used Citizens United to spend millions electing those loonies to the U.S. Congress who believe that plunging this nation into another great depression is a great way to pay of the national debt which means the Robber Barons have the same IQ and common sense level as those loonies; the IQ and common sense of a turnip.
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    Today the "turnips" in Congress may have shown that they are willing to give in, at least a little on this "government shutdown".

    Hopefully they can get a deal, even if it's just short term.

    All it took is a little compromise and negotiation! Who knew it would be that simple? They should have tried this WEEKS ago. But no, most of them would rather refuse to talk to the other side, and hurl insults and threats and do just about anything rather than just sit down and talk and get a deal done.

    Vote all the turnips out and let's elect some adults! We certainly don't have any adults in Congress now.
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    jamesn --

    Are you suggesting that both sides are to blame equally? I would disagree. Boehner and the Tea Party and making ransom demands, and Obama should never give in. Kick the Tea Party bums out but I'll happily vote for every Democrat that stood up to their extortion demands.

    Compromise and negotiation is something that occurs in a civil discourse without having one side holding a gun to the other sides head.
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    No not suggesting that both sides are to blame equally, but there's plenty of blame for both sides. It did not help that BOTH sides were calling each other names, and saying that they would refuse to compromise. I expect this type of behavior from 4 year olds, not adults.

    And the "gun to the other sides head" analogy is not accurate, either. It is way overused, especially by the president. There's no gun to anyones head. That is just another term used to cause fear and anger and it seems to have worked.

    I'm ashamed of all of them, from the president on down to the last member of Congress, they all act like spoiled children. They should act like the adults that they are supposed to be, and meet and talk every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, until something gets done. Even if five meetings in a row do not produce an agreement, try again, because refusing to talk is even worse. All sides should swallow some pride and put their ego aside and just get to work.
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    The question was the IQ level of our leaders. My answer is very simple; they have a very high IQ level if it concerns themselves; for the rest of the world they are deaf and dumb. The way this government is run is pure stone age. Spent and tax without stringent budgets is the norm.
    I do not know why I should vote at all; what you get are all loosers who's only target is their ego's and a fat wallet. We actually do not need a government; just let the Pentagon and the lobbyists run the place; what is the case anyway, the rest is just pure decoration.
    Just a bunch of little kids who like to play God with their army toys; pathetic. Sorry to say Schmidt: Obama is a disaster; not a leader at all.
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    Dutch yes they do not care about the regular people like us, only themselves, their friends and family, and their big "supporters" that funnel all the money to them.

    But some of them actually are smart and some of them successful, and some really are good, decent people...until they get elected, and when elected they are swallowed up by the corruption of the political system in Washington. To survive in Washington they have to "join the team" and that means supporting "our" cause and opposing the "other" team. And both teams are the same way...they spend much more time and effort trying to beat the opposing team than trying to do what is right for America.

    They will say and do anything to maintain their power because power equals money, and money is the cause of ALL the problems.

    If only we would vote them out. The vast majority are reelected every election. We always hear how Congress is hated, and rightfully so, but every election the few of us who bother to vote give them what they want...another term. The few who are voted out stay in Washington and become lobbyists, still working for the same rich and powerful interests who controlled them while they were in office.

    We need term limits but since the inmates are in charge of the asylum it won't happen. They are the ones who would have to put in the term limits so it's not possible.

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    Term limits can be applied at the ballot box.
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    ..."Term limits can be applied at the ballot box"...

    "Can be"...yes. Will be...probably not. At every election I think it will happen, and every election the same corrupt members are reelected at an overwhelming rate. Voter apathy is mainly to blame, most people do not even bother to vote.

    Maybe this next election will be the one, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    The problem with the elections working is that now the Repubs are running around, through their repub. governors, tryiny to "rig" the next elections. they now have the support of a corrupt supreme court who have given them a free field to contiue with voter manipulation. I think tha the problem has been increased by the sheer outrageous cost of campaigns. This has allowed the "big money peope" to gain control of our gov't. Our country should be ashamed of the existing poverty and the idea that there are hungry CHILDREN in our "Great Country". Who do we think ran some of our great cities into bankruptcy? Not the poor, the rich corrupt leaders did it. Detroit looks like a third world country!!! SHAME SHAME SHAMED !!!

    WE THE PEOPLE need to take back control or our gov't. It will take will power and it will take money but if we want a gov't FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE like our founders planned !!! Remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    The house keeps talking about financial responsibility, WHo is going to pay for the millions wasted on this gov't shut down? I can guess it will not be the KOCH BROS (who could have feed millions of children, the world wide with the money they spent to control the house), nor the tea party kooks. It will be on the backs of those who can least afford it.
    What will be their response when people start dying from the stress of not knowing if they will have any income in Nov. Back pay does not pay for food, medicine, gas, rent etc. NOW. Your can't give the grocery store or gas sta. or pharmacy an IOU !!! There will be heart attacks, suicides, and increase in domestic violence all on the head of Boehner!!! He should be provided a list of these deaths to put under his pillow. I hope someone keeps track of these things because they will happen.
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    jeanne you are exactly right that Detroit looks like a third world country. America is going down that same road. Most of America may look like Detroit if things do not turn around, and so far things are NOT turning around.

    The US is 17 trillion in debt and it gets worse every day. That's about $53,000 for every man, woman, and child. Do you have an extra $53,000 that you can afford to give to help us out of debt? I doubt many of us do.

    Who's going to pay for it? Not our government, that much is certain. All they do is more borrowing and more spending and that just digs the hole deeper. Borrowing more and spending more and eventually you run out of other peoples money. Then what? America is Detroit, that's what.

    Every day more and more people go on public assistance. Less people working and more people with their hand out to the government and that just makes it worse.
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    Some have said, all we need is "negotiation" & speaking to each other to reach a good solution to all our problems. BUT YOU CANNOT NEGOTIATE with a Pit Viper (poisonous snake). Negotiation only works among civilized human beings, hopefully with a decently high IQ, and the ideals of reaching a settlement peacefully, that is acceptable to all sides. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE with a rattlesnake. They are a cold-blooded creature, that has no reasoning power, & it has only 2 objectives: (1) to eat or steal from you, OR (2) to Kill you.

    When it comes to negotiation, BOTH sides must have a reasonably high IQ, to fully understand the objectives, any alternate solutions, & the expected (rational) outcome. If ONE side expects to ALWAYS get their way, (like the Tea Party) they obviously do not understand the art of compromise, which is required in a Democracy. (The Tea Party should maybe go to work for a Dictatorship: )
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    eternal flame you are exactly right no one can negotiate with ..."a Pit Viper"... or ..."a rattlesnake"... That is why Congress is made up of 100% human beings, no snake has ever won election to Congress, although some members of Congress may act like other species at times, they are actually humans, every single one of them. (I know it may be hard to believe, but it's true!)

    As for todays news out of Washington D.C., the cesspool of America, we may actually have an agreement to reopen the government and get on with business as usual, at least for a while. I hope it is a deal that all sides can live with and just imagine that, meetings and negotiations are what made it happen. If only they had decided to hold meetings and negotiations during the first week of the "shutdown" maybe this would have happened a week ago.

    Think of all the good things that could have happened if the shutdown had ended a week ago! But no, both sides were busy calling each other names and telling us why they refused to negotiate with the other side.

    We desperately need some leaders in Washington, because we do not have enough right now.

    2014 is coming and let's vote them all out! That's what the majority of Americans want: all of them voted out...EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF CONGRESS OUT. Don't believe it? Look at the polls.

    It's hard to argue against it. Let's vote them out.