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TERRORISM vs TEA PARTY is there any difference?

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    I would like to reiterate, what I said earlier about my STYLE OF WRITING. I use capital letters a lot! Why? I am not shouting! I majored in speech/communications in college and I use capitals to HIGHLIGHT WHAT I WANT THE READER TO SEE! Why? Because I think it's important and people don't want to spend a lot of time reading endlessly to find out what the writer is saying!

    Now, and this is very important to me! I AM NOT LOOKING FOR MY 15 MINUTES OF FAME! I'M UPSET AT WHAT A SMALL FACTION OF EXTREMISTS IN CONGRESS ARE DOING TO OUR COUNTRY! I don't think I'm wrong feeling that way! I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, BORN AND RAZED IN THIS COUNTRY! You wanna see my birth certificate? Fine, when I'm ready to show it to you!

    First, I want to talk about the R word! I DON'T LIKE IT, BUT I WON'T USE THE H word either! Why? Because I don't like it! I'd like to use the word PREJUDICE. It's alive and well and IT TAKES ALL KINDS OF FORMS! It starts when people see someone! Because someone may not like the way someone is dressed THEY FORM AN OPINION! Or because of the way people talk, their accent or the words they use, they form an opinion! I BELIEVE IT'S A DIRECT RESULT OF HOW CHILDREN ARE RAISED AND WHAT THEY HEAR AT HOME! And that starts the BIGOTRY THAT HAS CONTINUED THROUGH THE DECADES and eventually some of these people think they're right and the rest of the country is wrong! After a while if you tell yourself something, or you hear it over and over, YOU BECOME BRAINWASHED AND THEN NO ONE CAN PERSUADE YOU THAT WHAT YOU THINK OR DO IS WRONG! Those people have HAVE TOTALLY LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY! And there are a group of those people walking the halls of Congress. For the most part, they've taken a name (a label if you prefer) and I didn't give it to them or invent it so I'll use it! THE TEA PARTY. The reason I said for the most part, is that some of these people don't use the name! YET, ALMOST FROM THE BEGINNING OF PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ELECTION INTO OFFICE, ONE PERSON HAD THE GAUL TO STAND IN FRONT OF A CAMERA AND DECLARE THAT THE MISSION WAS TO MAKE PRESIDENT OBAMA A ONE TERM PRESIDENT! And, he's exactly the type of person I'm talking about! Just because I referenced him, I don't believe for a minute that he's alone! They may not call themselves anything but the prejudice is there! I don't want to assume anything about their upbringing or their level of education and I won't even speculate it's because they're from a certain region of the country! BECAUSE THAT'S FORMING AN OPINION WITH OUT HAVING ALL THE FACTS, AND I WON'T DO IT!

    Second, the WORST RULING THE SUPREME COURT EVER MADE was approving CITIZENS UNITED, we have to get that ruling on the 2014 ballot so it can be REPEALED! Big money is running our Government and the people who need the Government to survive can't. You can find a web site to sign up and join the people who feel the same way I do! If we don't end this IT'S GOING TO BE THE END OF THE WORKING CLASS. My favorite President was President Lincoln, he freed the slaves. But SLAVERY CAN TAKE A LOT OF DIFFERENT FORMS AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE WEARING CHAINS TO BE ENSLAVED!

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    Thank you for explaining your style of highlighting, but it has often been said that one mans terrorist is another's man's patriot. When you have a two party system that has it's goal not the matter of governing but of maintaining power for their own Agenda, I was not of fan of President Bush's plan/ policies during that whole Iraq mess, and the press ripped him accordingly on a daily basis, calling him a idiot, stupid, and worse, they had printed caricatures of him in many of the major print media newspapers and booklets, and of course, the opposition party and others called him out on it quite regularly, so having an opposition leader saying that he wants the president to be a one term president, does not surprise me, he is after all preaching to his choir. In regards to the Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United, I felt the law should apply to all, both big labor unions and major corp. but since part of the unions argument was that they were acting on their membership wishes and that the Corp. were not so they should remain exempted from those elections laws that pertained to donations, the Corp. argument was and then argued successfully that there was little or no difference between them, so they were in turn likened to the unions regarding political donations , I think both should be disallowed and have the individuals themselves give to the political party or candidates of their choice, should you limit the amount of the donation$$$$$, is an another matter. I don't understand all of the requirements of what is known as gerrymandering other then it's based on the census of that particular district, and it's suppose to promote some type of fairness, we all know how that turns out. The independent agency idea is good but how do you insure it's fairness in it's decision. BTW, welcome to the site.
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    4C --

    Since this is your first posting, I'll make a few comments. Instead of CAPITALS, this website allows you to bold sections of your text. Just highlight the text and click on the B above in the menu. Ditto for Italics.

    Regarding your views of the Tea Party, you won't find many arguments from members in this website. I have made another post, Understanding the Republican Mindset, in which the Tea Party is one group that is discussed. The stereotype of the Tea Party focus group fits. As you probably know from watching Rachel Maddow, many Tea Party Republicans ran for Congress on a platform of shutting down the government...nothing else. When I look at the clips of various Tea Party candidates at their town hall meetings, I see them shouting "shut it down" and the crowd applauding their approval. There were no caveats like ObamaCare attached to their dictates. For them the government shutdown is their end game. It's a form of terrorism.

    Even if President Obama would capitulate on deferring the Affordable Care Act, they would make some additional demands to keep the government "terrorist demands" if you like.

    Regarding how the Tea Party children were raised to embrace bigotry, I agree with you. I also wonder how many are the products of James Dobson's obedience training for babies and small children. I won't get into that here.

    The Citizen United's Supreme Court ruling is indeed one of the most egregious but I'll add to it their ruling on Bush v Gore that gave the 2000 Presidential election to George Bush. I often wonder what course our country would have taken with Al Gore as president instead of Bush. I guess that's just lamenting what should have been.

    The gerrymandering that took place after the 2010 election is a direct result of a well planned and passionate campaign by Tea Party types to take over the state and local governments with their real sights on the redistricting that would follow the new 2010 census demographics. They were able to do it because Democrats were largely "ho hum" and stayed home on election night across the country. Apathy and ignorance are as big of enemies for our democracy as the Tea Party. An informed electorate is the enemy of conservatives. Conservatives need Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to feed the ignorant.

    Unfortunately for many states, redistricting will not happen again until after the 2020 census. I just hope the Democrats learned their lesson from 2010.

    Okay..thanks for your comments...and try bolding. It's easier to read.
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    Hello: Welcome to this forum, we are mostly open-minded people here. Like true Democrats, we try to be understanding & supportive of all kinds of people & lifestyles. We know about all the struggles that come from being "different" or unwealthy. (ha) I am laughing because the spell-check is telling me that unwealthy is not a real word. Oh, well..... The Founders never wanted the wealthy to rule us with an iron fist, & they truly wanted "equality for all" --- and for 237 years, we did pretty well, holding our own. I thought most racism was overcome in the 1960's, with Martin Luther King, but this last 5 years has been a real eye-opener. And the weirdest part of it, is that Obama is not a "black" man in the ordinary sense of the word. (That word came from black African slaves brought over in the early 1700's or late 1600's) & President Obama is the son of a white woman in KS, and an exchange student from Kenya who went to college in Hawaii. His white mother & all her relatives raised him in Hawaii, which is well known for being cosmopolitan (tolerance for all races & colors) since native Hawaiians, Japanese, White, & Asian cultures mix all the time as equals.
    So Obama does not know a THING about being a ghetto black, raised with druggies, & food stamp people. He only got acquainted with that when he was done with college & became a Lawyer, & went to be a Community Organizer in places like Chicago. He helped America's black people, out of good will and sympathy. His personal heritage included that his own father was working for the Kenya Govt. A leader in that nation.
    So for white racists in the GOP to treat Obama like he was a typical "black" who was descended from slaves, is NOT at all factual, & it is insulting to all peoples involved in those stereotypes. But, we all need to read more biographical material about the President before we get too involved in judging him. His background has some real beauty to it. Once I read that the Kennedy's donated money to a fund to bring some Africans to America to go to college, & that one of those recipients was Obama's father. Wouldn't that be fantastic? If the man who got the Kennedy funds, had a son who became President of the USA? That would be almost a miracle. Can any of you verify it?

    I'm sorry if I got "off topic" (ha) since that happens a lot. I also liked to use CAPS, for emphasis, but now I am getting used to the new bold type & italics. (Conformity is not easy for me, either). I got in trouble in grade school, for refusing to wear bluejeans & tennis shoes to gym class. (ha) I just did not like to be told what to wear, so I rebelled. Later on, in college, all we wore were bluejeans. Go figure.

    Do not be afraid of the Democrat Label. It is a configuration of the word "democracy" which is one of the most sacred words in the human language. It is the basis for true freedom, liberty, self-expression, & human rights -- & the attainment of justice, ever known by mankind. We are on the brink of losing it, if the Tea Party types get their way. Their agenda, written by Koch Bros, is to create Govt by & for the Wealthy elite. And they will do anything to keep the rest of us subjugated, & powerless --- even if that means sinking the economy, so we are left as nothing but pawns & slaves to the wealthy, begging for any job, & working just for crumbs of bread. -- This is NOT a Joke. (Back to the Dark Ages).
    Once I found a board game that kids (& adults) play, that consists of tiny plastic ships, soldiers, etc. on a board that looks like a Map. You can be any nation you want, & raise armies & play out invasions, bombings, & WARS, on a global scale. One other thing: You had tons of play money, to work out your winning strategy. The game was called "Axis & Allies" -- mostly about World War II. As I watched the others playing, I found out ONE very IMPORTANT THING. In order to WIN, it did not take the biggest army, or the most airplanes, or most modern Navy with submarines & all. The BEST way to WIN at that game was: TO BANKRUPT YOUR ENEMY. (Ahem) WHAT DO WE SEE RIGHT NOW, in global politics? The whole world's commerce, is necessary to be solvent, or the nation can't defend itself, provide food for its people, & keep its agencies running smoothly.
    So by doing its BEST, to SHUTDOWN our GOVT, & to destroy our Economy, the Tea Party is SHOWING THEIR TRUE AGENDA, which is MUCH WORSE than just making Obama FAIL. They want the WHOLE UNITED STATES ECONOMY to FAIL, so we are now in the Grip of our ENEMIES in the Communist Bloc, such as Russia and China. The Tea Party financed by Koch Bros, is the remnant of the old Communist Party which uses subversion & infiltration to takeover govts, destroy them from within, & enslave its people. Only 68 yrs ago, Hitler was stomping all over Europe putting people into slave camps, or EZ-Bake ovens for the Jews, & making people "Sig Heil" to the Feuhrer, or ELSE. You could be killed for the slightest waivering in submission to the Nazi authority. I have met people who barely escaped Nazi Germany, & they know how easy the nation was delivered to the sign of the swastika. The word "Nazi" stood for "national socialism" -- but it was not like the benevolent kind of socialism that happens in democracy nations. The Nazi's belief system is so radical, that it believes that God is Dead, & that individual rights are not very important, but you must serve the nation as a whole. Conformity is demanded. Sacrifice is demanded. The individual is not to take himself too seriously, but must submit to Nazi rule. Individual thought is not encouraged, but actually punished. DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR TO YOU? Members of the JBS (John Birch Society) were taught just like that, & now their successor -- the TEA PARTY, is being trained even more rigidly, to believe certain dogmas, & they are forbidden to listen to any other sources but Rush Limbaugh & the official "propaganda" mill, which includes the Drudge Report & Fox News, (the only channel allowed on Air Force One (in Bush years) & the only channel allowed for our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan to listen to. So they could only hear GOP propaganda, saying how wonderful the war was progressing & how our noble fearless leaders in the Bush Admin were building the nation & of course WINNING all the Middle East wars we were needlessly involved in. It was pure Bulloney of course, but the troops were isolated in a desert, how could THEY know any different? Being basically "targets" for any bunch of fools wearing dish towels on their heads, & fighting for their lives, our troops were being literally brain-washed to vote Republican when they came back. It was such a horrific thing to do to our innocent young men, patriotic trusting individuals, sent out to be pawns in an unwinnable war, waged only to get more OIL profits for greedy GOP millionaires, & stock market dealers. NO WONDER they commit suicide. To think that many came back home without their normal arms & legs, & having watched thousands of their buddies get mutilated or killed, then to come back to families that may not be sympathetic, or girl friends who have found another lover, or LACK of JOBS, & even difficulty getting on their medical care and supportive services that they were promised. This was too awful to be tolerated, & many of them got angry & then in despair, they killed themselves. There is NO WORSE DISGRACE to any government. But this was the way our GOP congress under Bush & his Admin showed their gratitude for all the boys who took up the Flag under "W"s War on Terror. They kept sending our troops over & over back to the war zone, waiting for them to get killed, crippled, or kill themselves. And if they survived all this, the GOP made sure that the long wait to get medical benefits would drag on so long, that most would give up, or die without ever getting any real Aid. (The great "Christianity" of the GOP).

    A new Epic in getting "off topic" once again, & (oops) even using CAPS like it was chewing gum. Oh well, chalk it up to middle age, when the brain cells first begin to deteriorate. (If you've found a cure for this, please let me know : )
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    I couldn't agree with you more. I just left a message on B.'s wash phone calling him the worst kind of TRAITOR The lies are what make my blood pressure soar. We all know they have planned this for months. And I am glad to here someone else talk about the real issue (a pres who is african american) I grew up hearing things which should have made me prejudiced, most especialy a "closet racist" but somehow I decided I did not want any part of that way of looking at people. Do these R's think fuloughed workers can give an IOU to the grocery store, pharmacy, gas sta.??? Yesterday I heard a R. criticize VA workers for worrying about pay checks. How does he think they can put gas in their cars to get to work???
    And like most family members, food for thier families would definately take presidenc in this case.

    Do we have any power anymore or has the likes of Koch Bros and the heritage found finally have total control over our Gov't?? YOu mention I can't help but believe that not only has our Supreme Court been corrupted but that Boehner is hiding from some scandal the "party" has over him. If not then he too is a traitor and is being bribed. Is there anyone in the R who isn't being bribed to do the bidding of the Koch Bros etc. The Koch Bros wrote a letter denying their part in this. Anyone think it is true. TRUTH seems to have taken a vacation from these people and their puppets.

    How is it leagal, constitutional for the Speaker to Prevent half the house from voting on the clean CR?? If it is we the people need to revamp the laws about how our congress behaves. Want to cut costs? cut thier pay, expense accounts and make them clean their own congresional bathrooms. Drunk and work?? any of the thousands of federal workers they are hurting would be fired for that behavior.

    If I had the money and physical ability I would take part in a march on Congress. It may be the only way to make them Liste,