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Obamacare & Living Abroad

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    I am living abroad and have full insurance for myself and my family (we pay $40 a month total) now thats affordable healthcare.

    Since I still hold citizenship in the U.S. do I need to sign up/register so I wont be subject to fines and or penalties??

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    I think this answers your question:

    Wall Street Journal, October, 2, 2013: U.S. Citizens Abroad Avoid Health-Law Mandate

    "Americans who live abroad at least 330 days of the year will be treated as if they have qualifying insurance coverage and won’t owe any tax penalty, according to the Internal Revenue Service. That’s true regardless of whether the U.S. citizen actually has health insurance in the country where he or she lives.

    "The IRS reasons that it would be unfair to force Americans living abroad to buy a policy on one of the new health-insurance exchanges that opened Tuesday, because most domestic policies don’t cover anything more than emergency care overseas."

    See more at the above link.