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black and wite or is it white and black.

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    Why do we have to put race first. I feel most preachers are wan-a-bee dictators. They want to control peoples thoughts, and beliefs. Why can they not just teach love...Why can they not teach that every one is person first. Why can they not teach that your name is more important than your color.. I feel your name is who you are first. If some treats mistreats me wrong cause of who they might feel how I think and feel just because of my skin color, this starts me on the wrong foot..

    Why do we have to age religion race and sex on job applications. Your experinces should come first.

    I feel we need to forget the past ./ go on, and teach love , tolerance like your god and my god wants us to do.
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    Well your first paragraph jumps around to 4 or 5 different seemingly random topics and I'm not quite sure how to respond.

    But I can answer the job application one. Age is an appropriate question and it is just general info and alludes to your experiences and maturity. I have never seen religion asked on any job application. I'm not even sure if it's legal to ask for that information. Gender and race are asked for two reasons demographic research and to see that an employee is complying with equal rights law.

    Forgetting the past is a terrible idea. We will repeat the same mistakes over and over. Knowing and learning from the past is a much better idea. And there are 2 things that I have learned from history:
    1. Religion is one of the worst possible ways to teach tolerance and love. It usually just ostracizes and demonizes anyone who doesn't conform. Just look at Islam and Chrsitianity.
    2. Don't engage in religion discussion in a forum thread that isn't specifically about religion. It will get derailed immediately..... aww crap.... what have I done?