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Tom Clancy dies at 66

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    Tom Clancy passed away 10/1/2013. He was 66. He authored some 26 novels, 17 being NY bestsellers. He was known for his technically detailed espionage and military science story lines that are set during and in the aftermath of the Cold War. (I was going to use my own words here to describe his writing prowess, but wiki says it best.)

    Several of his books were made into films, most notably in my mind 'Patriot Games' and 'Clear and Present Danger'. He helped elevate Harrison Ford's career with those two. He also had his story lines themed into a wildly popular video game franchise.

    Clancy was a conservative when it came to politics, which is very evident in many (if not all) of his novels. He believed in small government. Clancy had a strong voice and an even stronger ability to paint a picture with a pen. While I didn't always agree with his viewpoints, I always respected the guy. RIP Tom Clancy. If you haven't read 'The Hunt for Red October', I would highly recommend checking it out. The film is good. But, as is in most cases, the book is much better.

    What are your thoughts on Clancy, his legacy and his writings? If you were a fan, take a second to list why and what your favorite book(s) of his were. Might as well show your respects, no? If not a fan, why not? Just want to get conversation flowing on this guy. As far as the writing world is concerned, this is a big deal. Anyways, just thought I would let you guys know about this.
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    I'm a fan. Haven't read any of his books in a long time, but I read several. I think Red Storm Rising was right up there with Red October. Sum of all Fears was good too, and gave a perspective of Israel and the middle east.

    Harrison Ford was already a huge star and had more money than he could ever spend after the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies but the Clancy movies gave him a chance to play a different role.

    I remember that he always wanted to join the military but poor eyesight kept him out. He did great research and wrote great books and as he became famous and always portrayed the military in a positive light he had opportunities to get up close and personal with the military he had admired from afar.

    Debt of Honor has been sitting in my house and I still have not gotten around to it, it looks like a thousand pages!