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A delusion about what the real issue is or the Elephant in my room.

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    In my estimation, the nation is in a continuation of the on-going political campaigns.
    “ Everybody’s Talking at me, I don’t hear word they say only the echoes of their” BRANDS.

    Ross Perot and Ralph Nader when running as third party candidates for President of the United States pronounced that we only have one political party ruled by business contributors. I call this Party the REPOCRAPS.
    Two Political Machines wholeheartedly devoted to the possession and re-possession of political power. Realizing that “Acquisition of political power always entails a distribution of the spoils to their financial contributors and workforces.”

    When I listen to the chatter on radio or television, I often hear “we are over burdened by big government”. Have you heard of a Business Investment that doesn’t request a tax break? Have you heard of a State, County, or local government that is not cutting it’s operations while expecting a federal grant to replace some of the cuts in services. High Expectations at Free Lunch Prices. You do not get what you refuse to pay for.

    The to do list for the nation’s economy is:
    A workable federal balanced budget process
    A reasonable Debt / GDP Ratio
    Reform of the Tax code

    The real issue is control of the fix (spending vs entitlements and tax-code reform) while ignoring the indirect entitlements of tax offsets. Eventually a reformation of the tax code will be necessary in order to achieve a reasonable Debt/GDP ratio. The 1% has been funding the “Tea Party “ narrative since 2010 if not before. This is the real objective. When 82% of the nations Wealth is not Enough for the 1%, what can be Done?
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    The tea party and repubs in the house like to pretend that for over 20yrs the repubs have spent money on their own pet projects and would like to convince us that only this administration has spent money. When this admin started the "big banks" were failing due to greed and mismanagement yet the CEO' got millions as a payment for a job POORLY DONE. THe rest of us if we did a bad job or stole money would be fired and possibly put in jail. I feel the pay checks and expense accounts of the House should be stoped and not repaid when they do what they should and OPEN THE ENTIRE GOV'T. THey are complaining about wasting money but are spending 300million dollars each DAY on this shutdown.
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    Back in August we had a thread going that addressed the growing inequality of life in America, especially after Reagan. The thread originated with Guy Dwyer and he called it The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Although some felt the title was not appropriate for the actual discussions, nevertheless, the content of those discussions under the thread were intellectual and informative.

    We linked to several graphs in a website titled They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I encourage you to click on the inequality link to view them. Income Inequality

    If you would like to view our discussions, go to the other link above.

    While we as a society are pointing fingers and blaming each other, the underlying cause of civil unrest is the income inequality. And everything that the Republicans and the Republican Propaganda Machine, Fox News, (owned by plutocrat billionaire Rupert Murdoch) puts out is carefully designed to perpetuate and exasperate that inequality with all kinds of misleading and false claims about how the rich are the "job creators." They capitalize and play on fear, anger, hate and ignorance to turn the middle class against itself. And they have been very successful in that effort. Today they continue down that path pushing the middle class against itself with lies and more lies about the Affordable Care Act.

    Look at the graphs and study them. Then draw your own conclusions about the fairness of our tax code and other laws that favor the rich...always.