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'Inequality For All' - Robert Reich's new film

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    Former member of the Clinton, Carter and Ford administration Robert Reich is starring in a new film/documentary about the inequality of wealth distribution in America. The film is called 'Inequality For All'.

    Reich had taught at Harvard for 12 plus years (1980-1992). He has been a economist virtually all his adult life, pushing 50 years of experience. He won the Rhodes scholarship and went to Oxford alongside Bill Clinton. He graduated from Yale with a law degree. And, for good measure, he's a little guy (4'10''), just thought I would throw that in there to more fully paint the picture of this guy's life. (He uses his size to his advantage in his new film, saying he is "standing up for the little guy".)

    Okay. So, I would say that he is as qualified as anyone to speak about this matter. I am planning on watching this as soon as I can track it down. Anyone seen it yet?