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did Obama steal the 2012 election ??

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    There are actually people in this country who believe that Barack Obama stole the 2012 election. Full details of this deranged idea can be found by clicking on the link below:

    The truth is, George W. Bush was the guy who actually DID steal both of his elections, but the "wing nuts" of our country will never admit that "inconvenient truth":
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    If this were really true that either of these men stole any elections, then there should a loud outcry for reform by those candidates and political party whose election was stolen from them, ....................crickets..............crickets.
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    One thing we know about the conspiracy theorists; they believe in the ones that support what they want to believe.

    The others...not so much.
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    Sorry to say; I think that just about anyone in our government including presidents, which were not elected on their "brain" power.
    Due to the fact that this country has only two parties and the whole election actually is run by "money" and "promises" alone, then you get the situation in which we are now, It is only ego's and money what counts.
    Thus the only way to fix this is : Term limits, no lobbying, low salaries, elected on basis of knowledge as well as international knowledge, election funds should be limited to 100K per candidate (no lobby contributions allowed)
    Anyway I must be dreaming since those things never will materialize here anyway; so let us suffer a bit longer until the bottom falls out and have become a dictatorship run by the lobbyists; plenty of candidates for that!!!
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    Hi Arizona: This website you furnished appears to be a Libertarian outlet. Holy Cow, I didn't know they are ALSO among the lunatic fringe. We seem to have an outbreak of maniac proportions of Nutcases. You are absolutely right about the "rigging" of 2 elections for George "W" Bush. In the first one, (2000) the GOP used Bush's own "brother" JEB to help rig the election, (VS Al Gore) by NOT counting all the ballots (remember the "hanging chads"?) & how the brother (Gov of FL) kept stopping the ballot count? Finally the whole thing was so confused, they had to put the election up to the Supreme Court to figure out. (First time in American History, that was done). And it just so happened, that the Supreme Court had been "packed" by Geo "W"s DADDY, (#41) who appointed several Supreme Court Judges, so they were "beholden" to the Bush Family for their "lifetime" jobs. No BIG SHOCK that they decided Geo "W" Bush would be Pres #43. (GOP "payback" for favors rendered).

    On the NEXT big election, (2004) they had the "SwiftBoat" episode against John Kerry (a legitimate War Hero in the US Navy in Viet Nam). But there was suddenly a rash of "fake" Navy guys with websites making up stories about John Kerry, & most of the time, they "denied" that any atrocities had ever taken place in Viet Nam, like torching whole villages, killing men, women & children. They denied cutting off ears for a body count, & using napalm to burn whole forests, & 12 yrs of horror in SouthEast Asia. (It turns out that many ex-Swift Boat captains now had jobs on boats serving "oil rigs", & who would gladly accept bribes to tell a few whopping lies). The whole election was a "smear campaign" against Kerry, while "W" was made to look patriotic for his IRAQ War to find (fake) WMD's. (LIES & "electoral sabotage" are typical GOP agenda).

    ABOUT OBAMA's ELECTION; Due to GOP's obvious intentions to prevent Democrats from voting, by gerrymandering districts, changing the voting procedures to require additional forms of ID, or shortening voting hours, or changing locations of polling places, & the usual propaganda given by Rushbo on the radio, VOTERS were outraged & angry, so WE SHOWED UP in FORCE, & stood for HOURS to vote, in massive numbers.

    THAT is how WE WON. We had the best candidate, who was the most qualified, & who has shown by excellent example of leadership, that he can get this economy started again, despite massive fraud on Wall Street (Hdqtrs of GOP financial empire). While GOP show their contempt for the US govt, by refusing to pay their fair share of taxes, Obama has helped industry to survive, & won respect from foreign govts.

    Our allies respect him, & our citizens (those who are not simply brain-washed robots) know he has our best interest at heart. HE IS MORE TRULY CHRISTIAN than 90% of those radical Tea Bag impostors, who worship a God of GREED & Falsehoods.

    The TEA PARTY is based on "Alice in Wonderland" where they had a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" -- where Everything They Said was backwards or upside down --- in other words, whatever they said was the OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH. In right-wing land, (The TEA PARTY) whatever they say, especially in political speech, is exactly the OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH. Example: If they are saying that "Obama has stolen the election" --- that means he has NOT stolen the election, and whatever they accuse Obama of doing, is exactly the kind of fraud THEY are doing. If you apply this Rule thru-out all the last few years when the Tea Party has been operational, you will find this is true. (In George Orwell's "1984" novel, they also had something similar, called NEWSPEAK, which flipped things totally upside down. Their main character (Winston) had a job where he was RE-WRITING HISTORY, and destroying the Truth, by sending it "down the Memory Hole" -- to be burned.

    In right-wing "radio-land" they have a media "bubble" & echo chamber, where they spew total nonsense & pure bulloney all day & night, to those who have never had much experience with REALITY CHECKS, or people with Morals and Honesty, -- so they can't distinguish Truth from Lies, or Reality from Falsehood. They are somewhat Gullible to be brain-washed with hatred & fear --- while the TRUE EVIL people are the ones who operate those Propaganda Mills on Radio & TV. How can we break through the media "bubble"? In the case of Rushbo, his idiocy has been on the airwaves for at least 28 years. More than one whole generation has been raised hearing his baloney, thinking it is TRUE.

    EUREKA !! I think I've Got It ! We should have all political candidates give their speeches wearing a "Lie Detector" attached to them, so ALL can see if the needles start wiggling erratically across the graph paper, indicating they are just "making up stuff" - Besides keeping them Honest, it would probably attract a bigger Audience, to see "CELEBRITY AUDITIONS" (electronically monitored) TO BE the NEXT PRESIDENT" : )
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    jamesn Wrote: One thing we know about the conspiracy theorists; they believe in the ones that support what they want to believe.

    The others...not so much.
    More confirmation, if we needed it.
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    More Facts about the EVIL EMPIRE in the Republican Camp. (Ahem) Pres Richard Nixon had to resign because he was going to be impeached for Dirty Tricks during his administration, which included espionage on Democratic Hdqtrs, by the Watergate Burglars, to bug their phones. Then there was the GOP running a whore-house in the Watergate Hotel, so they could videotape guys & blackmail them to get information or votes. There was Money laundering to bribe witnesses to keep their mouth shut. Nixon personally OK'd over a $million for this operation, done with approval by his Atty General John Mitchell. (Oops, I forgot to mention that Nixon's Vice President (Spiro Agnew) had to be ditched in 5th year, due to extortion, tax fraud, bribery, & conspiracy. He got a special deal -- a $10,000 fine & 3 yrs probation, for pleading "no contest"). This was the greatest deal since the Lord spared Isaac on the mountaintop, said one of his lawyers. (Also, Agnew took bribery from MD residents over $268,000, and was disbarred, for being "morally obtuse." Nixon's next Vice President was Gerald Ford, who you may remember "pardoned" Prez Nixon for his role in the Watergate scandal. When Nixon resigned, (the only President to have ever done so) - VP Gerald Ford automatically became President. That official position was most probably HIS bribe for pardoning Nixon. (just guessing: ) I feel it is necessary to include at least one more strange episode going on during the Nixon Presidency. Atty General Mitchell had a wife (Martha Mitchell) who had been constantly making phone calls to the Press, reporting some of the strange things going on at the White House, & with her husband. Martha had been a Democrat, & she was astounded at such weird events that went on there. Because the Nixon bunch became afraid that Martha would "spill the beans" they kept her at home, & sedated. But she kept on calling the Press fairly often anyway. At one point, she suddenly died. The Press came to her funeral, and put a large wreath on her grave, that said, "Martha was Right." So in all the Scandal of major proportions done by the Nixon Admin, you may add the crime of murder.

    AND, let us not forget, that during Nixon years, the Viet Nam War was going on, and this was NOT a voluntary war. People were "drafted" against their will, to go into steamy wretched jungles, to kill people they had never heard of. It was "kill or be killed" in that hell hole, so many of our young men were driven nearly to insanity. They numbed their minds with drugs & beer. Nearly 70% of our troops were exposed to & took drugs there. It was the beginning of our "addictive" culture, that causes millions of people to end up in prison each year, for possession of drugs.

    Due to atrocities, & the non-voluntary aspect of this VietNam War, there were thousands of PROTESTS, & PEACE rallies. All the flower power groups were considered as "druggies" & "hippies" so they were harassed, maced, arrested, & (at Kent State, even SHOT TO DEATH). These were dangerous times. National Guard troops (in Ohio) opened fire on a college campus, & shot several students to death at a non-violent Peace rally. (1970). This resulted in 4 deaths & 9 injuries. When this was told, then 4 million US students went "on strike." And the violence escalated.
    Later, they found out that agitators had infiltrated some of the student groups to cause trouble. Some of that was arranged by Prez Nixon. All of this has been investigated by real journalists, & reported on legitimate news sources. It is true HISTORY. (This is only a very brief excerpt).
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    The IMPOSSIBLE Election of President Obama --- TWICE --- despite GOP lying tactics, using their incredibly huge radio network, all their Fox TV channels, using all the combined $$$ Millions of dollars from the wealthiest billionaires in US history, & all their sabotage of Democratic voting districts, & all the weird obstructionism done by a saboteur bunch of GOP Congressmen, who (treasonously) take BRIBES for their VOTES, which is totally against the US Constitution, & a violation of their oath of office. Despite Million$ spent on slander, lies, & defamation by the GOP, the TRUTH was known by the American People, & WE the PEOPLE spoke at the Ballot Box, & WE WON. How did we do it? God works in mysterious ways ; )
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    My question is would they taser gore before bush as quickly as they would tase obama for being in the white house?
    clinton was the first black president obama was the first stigmata'ed one
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    This is such a dead issue why bring it up, lets say just for argument's sake that it's true ,he stole the election and it was proven that he did, now what, undo all the Legistlation that was passed, unappoint all of the appointee's, Judges,various Chairs, etc, any and all trade agreements will be nullified and of course the other State wide races that were won based on the Democrat National slate will have to be questioned. Let sleeping dogs lie, at least on this issue. Unless of course your Sen. Ted Cruz and you want to fight an unwinnable fight, again.
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    add............It's the same ole group called the birthers. Since the birthers have failed in their clandestine attempts to spoil the people's election, they continue to state ridiculous views to propagate contempt for a "Black" president and/or someone they do not support. They will not stop their madness even at the loss of American values. These people are the worst of humanity and "We the People", will go one without them. Let them die and populate the insane asylums. Their stupid ways do nothing for me.

    Our country has much bigger things to solve, such as, getting Congress and the Administration to work together. If all this bickering between people would stop for a few days and they take a step backwards and look what they are doing, just maybe, some of them can see clearly again.