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Regarding Syrian Intervention

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    What to do in Syria? Maybe nothing . . . . . .

    I'm humanitarian and sensitive to the extent that I shed tears just to a portrayal (such as movie) of suffering. To the actual agony and anguish of realities I've wept.
    But I'm almost at a point of seeing "laissez-faire" as the only solution to sectarian strife, cruelty, carnage. Let them inflict the cleansing and even genocide which deletes the deleterious by deaths of demonized demographic. Or there may come to be such mutual maceration that both sides say, "Stop!! What the fuck are we doing??"
    When massive military establishments and materiel were marching into and overtaking parts of the world, there was an enemy to conquer. Perhaps prior to their militaristic might mobilized we should not have provided them with extensive materials and technology and other means (such as Germany and Japan). Ah, but so much money was being made by the free world free to finance-fence the emerging fascists. But when those fascists threatened even the US something had to be done and could be.
    But with insurrections and terrorists and sectarian combatants there's no armament-amassment, weapon and human. And the ally of a moment becomes the enemy of a later allegiance (and profitability to the former friend by profits from weapons we supplied now provided to the enemy (new friend) of our new enemy) -- our former friend. Such as Alqaeda,.
    North Korea start a military action? Saturation bombing might quickly quell an already starving country.
    But Syria? What army? What Military Industrial Complex? What strategic targets? With their supplies from and alliances with Russia and Arabia and Iran and all, some installation taken out is but a "temporary locational collateral damage" quickly replaced by establishment otherwise, elsewhere within the country.
    Supply the insurgents and if they prevail do they morph into an antagonistic regime far worse than that of Assad whose ethos (if not ethic) is somewhat represented by suit and tie rather than turban and robes and hard core Islamic anti-Western hatred.
    Should we look at Egypt as a case-study?
    Iraq, as far back as the overthrow of Mossadegh so we could de-nationalize BP and renew exploitation of Iranian oil and its personnel the while the reinstated rule of the Shah? That had the rather unfortunate, delayed, reaction-result of the Revolution, hostages, and ongoing chaos unto centrifuges now.
    Economic sanctions seem to hurt the populace, not their exploitative ruling class. Why would we expect that those in elevated socio-economic positions should give up their entitled ostentation just because of hunger of a populace whose societal structures have been decimated, if not actually, financially? The criterion of fairness and responsibility and result should be the disparate division of America's wealth for the wealthy without opportunity (job) for the unemployed masses. Why should we expect more “humanitarian sharing” by sheiks, dictators, despots when we allow such disparate non-distribution wealth to be accrued by our multi-millionaires and billionaires?
    And regarding our interference in Syria from another perspective . . . . .
    What would have been accomplished had another nation stepped in to our Civil War, imposing "surgical strikes" on one side and/or the other? Adding fuel to fire is not a retardation of the ruin of conflagration.
    What would we do now if some insurgent Islamic confluence began terrorist attacks in, say, New York City. .If it got “they” got nasty enough our retaliation would overcome aversion to the “collateral damage inflicted upon ‘our’ whose proximity meant “wrong time in wrong place”.

    So maybe we need to revise our humanitarian impulses. Especially in that they're so much post-facto. The chem-weap atrocity has already taken place, whichever side the perpetrator. And it seems there's some uncertainty that it might have been an insurgent atrocity, killing so many Syrian civilians, as well as focusing frenzy-furor on the Assad regime.
    A final ponder for which I have inadequate information. Of the victims, what were the places of residence, political and religious affiliation, occupation, even socio-economic levels based on possessions of stuff unto accounts? There’s precedent for Assad-atrocity to quell insurgent uprising. The present ruler’s father put down serious disturbance in the city of Hama, indiscriminately slaughtering some thousands of its residents (which included Muslims and Coptic Christians too, I believe). In one of his books, Tom Friedman relates that after the massacre the scene was strewn with bodies including an elder woman literally machine-gunned in half at the waist.
    Over there they don’t mince making mince-meat out of malefactors and even innocents who are deemed “fair-fatlities” simply by -proximity.
    There’s precedent here for there . . . . . . .what was done to the American Indians.
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    I love your alliteration & expression. And your inevitable conclusion. Wow!! And on that final bit: The American Indians situation always made ME cry. How easy it is to make a mess of the world. I wonder if Orville Wright could have foreseen what they did with his invention, would he have done it so eagerly? (All the bombs in all the wars, dropped from planes, including (shamefully) the Atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan).
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    The Native American Nations was a grouping of several brutal Tribes who warred with each other over the same issues that those folks in the Middle East do now, although that doesn't mean what we did to them eventually was not wrong, just inevitable, they (Native Americans) also knew this, they knew not to trust the Americans ,we chased them off their tribal lands for what, for our own expansion plans ,railroads needed building, population was growing and they had to emigree somewhere, So as Horace once said Go West, Young Man ,Go West, and west they went regardless of the carnage that was bound to happen. So it is not as if they were some type of a Morlock people just standing around waiting to be slaughtered.
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    It is hard to figure out what to compare it to. (The American Indians). Here they were, just sitting around their own campfire, trying to eat a roast Buffalo, and smoking a Peace Pipe. When along comes a bunch of dyslexic explorers, who were looking for the Orient, but obviously got seasick & dehydrated, & drank too much joyjuice, thus landing several thousand miles off course. The Indians looked up to see a lot of greenish palefaces
    staring at them, & gave their tribal signal (slapping their fingers against their lips, going WOO WOO WOO). The explorers thought this sounded like Chinese, so they thought they were in the right place. (Wrong, Mr. Wong). Arrows instead of chopsticks. Oh well, so the Indians did not have any silk or spices. At least it was better than sailing off the edge of the earth, proving that the world was flat. Eventually these Portuguese sailors would learn navigation skills, & find their way to China & India. In the meantime, other sailors would return to this hidden paradise & slaughter the Indians because they would not give up their tribal land & all their resources for NOTHING. Yes, the Indians could be brutal, but WHO WOULD NOT BE, if fighting for your land, your food, & your family? It was a matter of SURVIVAL. We were the invaders, the killers, & predators. And all of the treaties made by the White Man to the Indians were disregarded & disobeyed regularly. The Indians were treated like inferiors in their own land. Finally, the Trial of Standing Bear (near 1879) declared that Indians were actually Human Beings -- & should be treated as such. (God only knows what the White Man had thought they were -- Sea Turtles?) Standing Bear was arrested for leaving his reservation to go bury his son, where he wanted to be buried. Often the Indians were forced to live on a barren reservation, with few resources, & as a result, many starved to death.
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    You made the comparison about the Native Americans, so named Indians because the wondering sailors got lost and thought they were in India, these Natives Americans warred among themselves long before the so called explorers landed here and they robbed and pillaged each other for the same reasons that the later invaders did. When their tribe lost members either thru war, hunts, or sickness, they raided another tribe to replenish their numbers, especially child bearing women, so what is your analogy about the native Americans and those tribes in the Middle East, they are and were brutish, with little regard for life outside their immediate tribal boundaries , sort of like the early Goths, Vikings, Celts and any other tribal country where tribal rule is allowed to flourish, so what the early North American settlers did was totally expected and predictive. This is the human way, the human species is of a predator nature but its a communal predator for the most part and they will weed out not only the weak and sickly but any that poses a threat to their agenda. This is who we are, and if reading the past history tells you anything, it will tell you that man is a treacherous species given into venial desires and pleasures regardless of the emotional cost, so don't tell me that the American people were the first community to lie and deceive their way to the top of the food chain, because they are not, the American people are mere babes in the woods when it comes to Global co-operation.
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    People have been conquering, killing, and enslaving other people as long as there have been people on this planet, a lot longer than America has been around. And it is still going on today and will in the future.

    Why? Lots of reasons including, but not limited to race, religion, economic...