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Chevy Chase leaves 'Community' over racist character

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    NBC's comedy show 'Community' is a pretty unique sitcom that I had been enjoying through its first few seasons. It's set in a community college, based around an impromptu study group of 7 people that, for one reason or another, get partnered up year after year in this same study group and become a huge group of close friends.

    All's good until the dynamic of the show progresses and Chevy Chase's character (the out of touch, old man that says blatantly insensitive things as a staple to his character) becomes more and more racist. Chevy Chase (in real life) became outraged on set at his character's growing racial comments, wondering when the writers were just going to get it over with and have him start calling the two black members of the study group the N word.

    This, among other problems, have led to the show writing Chase off the program, destroying the entire dynamic of the show. The point I want to focus on with this forum is the racial aspect though. (There's no saving the show, it's become terrible when it once was very entertaining.) The writers and mainly Dan Harmon, the creator, in my estimation, are not racist at all. The character played by Chevy Chase is simply a vehicle to show the intolerance of many members of any older generation to 'get with the times' and be accepting. All the other characters of the show are vehicles are various social stereotypes as well, by the way.

    Chase should have enough practice with this concept to appreciate what his character is all about. I get that he doesn't want to be racist. And, perhaps can't stomach the scripts. But, I wish he was more open-minded here.