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Do you consider Brad Pitt a Democrat?

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    Brad Pitt has spoken out and in favor of gay rights, gay marriage, environmental protection, helping to reduce poverty, marijuana legalization and general equality. He has also denounced the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He has also financially and publicly backed up the last two presidential Democratic candidates (Gore and Obama).. To throw another sorta-stereotype into the mix, he is against organized religion. Given all that, and the fact that he is a Hollywood elite-earning celebrity, does this make him a Democrat in your mind?

    I say no; he is for global equality (on all platforms) and against war, for sure. But, that doesn't default him to Democrat. There seems to be a sentiment out there that if you dislike some of the major talking points of the right/conservative, and are for equality for people in general, that makes you a Democrat. I disagree. Now, I'm not saying that Brad Pitt isn't liberal or even a registered Democrat. But, just not by default. I think he is simply for people. And, the democratic viewpoint attempts to champion that. And, the GOP does not.