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Sit Back And Marvel at Another Round of Republican Russian Roulette

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    jaredsxtn Wrote:
    johnnycee Wrote:if a particular section of a Bill is so divisive as to have the ability to shut down the entire spending plan by the Government then it has to be set aside and let the government process run its course while figuring out the most beneficial way to fully implimint this Affordable care Act
    Republicans are not saying that they have a problem with a particular section of the LAW, not a bill, the law of the land. A bill is far different than a law. Bill's are debated and voted on. Law's are what they become after a bill passes both houses and the the President signs it. Regardless of verbiage, Republicans are not trying to make the law better. They are trying to completely dismantle it or throw the economy off a cliff. That is just absolute lunacy. Republicans have not once tried to make the law any better.

    And who says that the law is not going to work? You? Republicans? Fox News? How much research have you done on it? Have you taken the time to research states that have actively been working to implement the law? Did you know that those states premiums are already going down? And that is before the exchanges open up on October 1. What would you have to say if the law actually works, even with unbending Republican obstructionism? The states that want it to work are making it work. And surprise surprise, the Republican dominated states are the ones claiming that it's unworkable. Maybe its unworkable because they are actively attempting to sabotage the law. So I would ask you why you wouldn't give this law a chance to work before saying that it's a good idea to send our economy back into recession.
    As I said before; Medicare did work and of course had its problems like any Government created thing. However the huge mistake is to reform it such way that if you add people to it who did not participate in the first place, then the picture changes drastically. It is the "ego" tripping of the Obama clan, who instead of fixing the serious shortcomings on the old plan, such as catering to the greedy doctors and pill producer lobby's, as well closing loopholes for corruption which is still widespread. For instance my heart specialist has been scrapped from my insurance thanks to Obama. No this whole Government (if it was a real bussiness) should be all fired without salary!!
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    Here in Pa. the rates are not going down so far, my new rates will be forthcoming during the so-called re-enrollment period and then I'll find out for sure. When any law has such strong opposition to it, that alone demands that a review of that law should take place, but when the policy wonks within the government and their staff receives exemptions from that law because of the so-called expense and then are followed by big Labor and large Corporations making similar demands and receiving them, then there is something seriously wrong with the new law and now it because almost mandatory to review it. This need not be a shut-down, just pass everything within the bullshit Continual Resolution plan with the exception of the Affordable Care Act and get a review of that portion of the law, nothing like a little ego problem getting in the way of whatever the Obama considers governing, especially when you have a more than ready scapegoat handy IE; the GOP.
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    John Boehner is fighting against us, uh, I mean for us... at least that what he says in his slick ads that come in the mail and probably purchased by the Koch brothers. "Rip Obama Care out by it's roots!" Why does he think he is a" hero "by dedicating himself to the destruction of health care... for the American people? I've seen what not being able to get insurance does. My wife had cancer and chemo-therapy. She couldn't get insurance. I've seen people try to admit their parents to the hospital and be refused because they didn't have insurance. My son even went to the doctor with my grandson and they were refused , just because my son had forgotten his insurance card! John Boehner says ,"We don't even have one or two dollars worth of wiggle room." Why then has Paul Ryan reduced taxes on the wealthy by $100,000.00 on every millionaire and billionaire while increasing taxes on the working class by $2000.00 per year? Why did Boehner shut down the government costing jobs and $25 billion dollars? Why is he suing the president, spending millions of taxpayer dollars? Why did the Defense Dept. scrap $390 million dollars worth of planes in Afghanistan for $32 thousand dollars? John Boehner is a liar, a poor leader and is disrespectful to the President of the United States! Boehner's behavior is disgraceful. He is "Mr. Gridlock and he has promised more of the same if he gets re-elected. We can't afford to send him back to Washington and he doesn't deserve his position in the House. He thinks we elected him president I guess!