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Sit Back And Marvel at Another Round of Republican Russian Roulette

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    House Republicans voted today to fund the federal government for the next three months, but with the simple caveat of stripping President Obama of his signature legislative achievement. This is the fortieth time that House Republicans have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the result will undoubtedly be the same as the other thirty-nine times, but this time they may be willing to throw our entire economy over a cliff along the way.

    The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and no matter what Republicans attempt to do, it will continue to be the law of the land. It was passed by the two houses of Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by the Supreme Court. I am truly speechless when it comes to trying to figure out the Republicans motives here. Who knew that ensuring every citizen has access to health care would become a rallying cry for the far right in this country? The party of Lincoln has been hijacked by multinational corporations and citizens that are so focused on hot button social issues that they consistently vote against their better interests.

    What has happened to the Republican Party in this country? They control one half of one third of the Federal Government and are acting like Democrats are the crazy ones for not capitulating to their each and every demand. What does everyone think of the House Republicans game today? Does anyone think that they will take our economy over a cliff if the President and Democrats don't blink?
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    The problem as I see it ,is that this particular bill was passed by a party majority vote and the then House Speaker Nancy Pelosa spoke those famous insane words , "We will have to pass it before we read it" and then followed up with a cackle, and then to top things off, the President and members of his Administration began to make sweetheart deals with other Congressmen and Union leaders to insure its passage, today these same individuals are receiving exemptions from the very bill they supported, and of course the Congressmen also got the exemptions for their staff. This why so many people think that the process was subverted just to fulfill an Agenda.
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    "Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made." John Godfrey Saxe

    What does any of that have to do with holding a gun to our economy three years after its passage?

    The Republicans put up a fight and were unified in voting against it. They lost the vote. The Republicans took it to the courts. They lost a Supreme Court ruling upholding the law as Constitutional. And the Republicans promised that they would repeal the law if Mitt Romney was elected. He lost by four percentage points and an electoral college landslide.

    Like it or not, Obamacare is the law of the land. Holding our economy hostage to fulfill some fantasy of having it thrown out is absolutely insane.
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    The current congress is the most shameful goup I have ever seen in government. All because they cannot and will not accept that the majority of the citizens voted not once but twice for our President. The have shown a level of disrespect of the offiice of the White House then has ever been seen. I think most of us know the real reason behind their behavior but are afraid to say it. They are closet racists and only work for their own power and wallets the wallets of the 1% who gave them huge amount of money or (entitlements) to do just what they are doing.
    If multi-million dollar companies would pay a "living wage" the need for food stamps would diminish. I truely believe we should cut their pay checks until they are willing to do what is best for EVERYONE !!!.
    The actions of this congress shows the need for US to limit the number of years they can be in office and get control of when they receive the cost of living increases , which they don't need, that they want o cut out for the recipients of Social Security who need that increase to maintain. Each year without a COL Social Security recipients have less food money, since their rent goes up every year and the Copayment for Medicare goes up. Not to mention gas, food, and everything else one needs to live.
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    jeanne much of what you say is correct. The number one priority for most members of Congress: Maintaining their jobs. Everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING ELSE is secondary. Do you think you matter to them at all? Sorry, you have only two things that they care about: your vote and your campaign contribution.

    And since the polls show that the majority of Americans oppose Obamacare, there is a lot of incentive for them to show how much THEY oppose it as well. Does that make any sense? Making sense has nothing to do with it. Keeping their jobs by getting reelected is all that matters.

    I agree with you that there should be term limits for Congress. If it is good enough for the president why isn't it good enough for Congress?

    Yes, this current Congress is the most shameful group we have ever seen in government, but they will probably be surpassed by the NEXT Congress, which might be even more corrupt, and more shameful.
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    The law of the land has been before and will be again changed, there was no economic gun held to any ones head, it was this Administration from the start that was doing the wheeling and dealing and cutting out huge slices of entitlement for those that would support him in this nightmare of a health care bill, it was announces today that Home Depot was dumping thousands of their workers onto the Health exchanges thus saving the Corp. the cost of health care, also the Cleveland Health System , a much heralded hospital group that the president himself singled out during the stump for the ACA, has now slashed it budget by millions because of the Affordable Care Act, I think this Act whether with intention or unintentional will become the basis for a single payer health care system.
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    Every week we hear about more and more big companies dumping their workers onto the exchanges. And now the big labor unions don't seem too pleased with it, either, and they helped push it through. Why not just go to a single payer system like they should have done from the get-go? I think that may be where we end up eventually but the way everyone is fighting about every detail of Obamacare I don't know how long it will take to get it all settled. So many Americans oppose it, 60-80% depending on the poll, that the fight is far from over.

    Obamacare hasn't even kicked in yet, and there are people out there who will never, ever willingly get insurance and some of them don't even know Obamacare is coming for them. Some things even the government can't force people to do.

    Most don't understand it, whether they understand it or not they mostly oppose it.

    President Obama's signature accomplishment? That's what I've heard it called and that's a bad commentary. A noble idea, maybe, but some things just don't work out.

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    DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHY THINGS in American Politics are SO SCREWED UP? Here is the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. It is not the very shortest article, but you SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH & THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

    Trying to stop Obamacare is like the "good old days" when Hubert Humphrey (Democrat) tried to get Medicare started, & the Republicans balked & stalled and opposed it for TWENTY YEARS. So GOP Corporate Greed could keep on "robbing" us with super-high medical costs.

    Right now the Republican Party is just a MASQUERADE, since the "old Elephant" that used to be the Republican Party has been killed, & it has been replaced with the Raging Bull --- like the giant statue on Wall Street. This Satanic Beast is dead set on destroying the United States, & then replacing our democracy with Fascism or worse. I have said it before, but the JBS began in 1958, to usurp power in the USA, to takeover the GOP and then gradually use their power in the TEA PARTY to Grab Power, to weaken & nullify Pres Obama, (to make him fail) & they do not care how they do it, by BANKRUPTING our Treasury, or by REVOLUTION, or by EXCESSIVE WARS, or by "holding us hostage" for a Vote on the Debt Ceiling. They are willing to TRY ANYTHING -- since they are actually NOT TRULY Americans anymore. Their allegiance is to Wall Street, Robbing the US Treasury, to the War Machine, to OIL industries, & to outsourced versions of OUR economy. They pledge NO (true) ALLEGIANCE to OUR FLAG, and very little allegiance to our Constitution, and they don't care HOW MANY of our soldiers they KILL in Foreign Wars just to protect or steal OIL Wells. It should be obvious by now that they don't mind TEARING UP our Bill of Rights, or shredding the Voting Rights of Women, & trying to hold back the hands of Time, by reversing all the gains we have made in the last 50 or 60 years. NOTE: The Tea Party takes a VOW to Grover Norquist & to the Koch Bros in order to keep getting their "bribe" money (which then CONTROLS their Votes in Congress) which is, of course, PURE TREASON. (It should be completely ILLEGAL to openly "bribe" OUR Congress).

    The modus operandi of the John Birch Society has always been subversive in nature. A "secret society" which meets in "secret cells" based on the Communist model, their members must vow total SECRECY, and NO DISSENT. Leader Robt Welch does NOT believe in "Democracy" & teaches all his members to believe the same thing. (Of course our Founding Fathers DID want this nation to be a Democracy, but that little Fact never stopped Welch from spreading his LIES.) Members were to infiltrate & spread the Birch message in school PTA's, and in various CHURCHES, & to start up American Opinion Book Stores (which were full of Birch publications & propaganda). Knowing (early on) the value of Propaganda, they bought up several broadcasting stations & lots of Christian networks. As Hitler had known, mixing religion with a political message is very influential in gaining popularity & respectability. Also, religion (in US) gets special mail privileges & is allowed tax evasion. So it makes a very successful match-up, to join politics & religion together.

    Constant repetition begins to have a "brain-washing" effect on the mind. Birchers & their Religious crowd began to get fervently devout about their beliefs, & began to accept Birch philosophy like it was their own religion. Later on, the Birchers could tell the religious crowd that "God wants George W. Bush to be President." And they would quickly adopt that as a religious Truth. Over the years, the JBS began to scare the churches about "outside satanic influences" that might try to attack their faith or corrupt their mind. Since the Birchers were simply USING religion as a ploy, but were actually seeking POLITICAL Power, they began to insert the idea that DEMOCRATS were their worst enemy. Their brain-washing began to be more centered on anti-Democracy, and anti-Liberal messages. But in the modern era, it was hard to keep the "flock" from finding out that the Democrats were just ordinary "nice" people. So how to keep their "flock" brain-washed against the Democrats? EASY. They just told their followers (Birchers) to stay away from ANY radio broadcasts or TV News programs that were Liberal. You Birchers MUST ONLY WATCH the TV & radio broadcasts we TELL you to watch, (they said). So of course most loyal Birchers watch only Fox News, & listen to Rush Limbaugh.

    They are then trapped in a "bubble" of Radical Right-Wing propaganda all 24/7 -- & NEVER hear the TRUTH, so their mental brain-washed programming will not be "disturbed" by REAL MEDIA. The radical right-wing message is geared to the "lower mentality" which generally are more accepting of doing what they are told, never questioning anything, & following orders, like a good doggie. People of a higher intellect will not usually be totally conformist, & often question their leaders or their ideology. Right wing leaders like their audience to be uneducated, or very low IQ, or in a depressed economic area, because those people are much easier to "manipulate" & train them to react much like Pavlov's dogs.

    In psychology we learn about Pavlov's dogs & "operant conditioning" --- you can train a dog, or a lab rat, or even people, (sometimes without their knowledge) to do almost anything, by using REWARD or PUNISHMENT stimuli. If a lab rat does what you want him to do, immediately reward him with a food pellet. If he does something wrong (opposite of what you want) you can punish him with a LOUD NOISE, or in some cases with a mild electric shock. Over a period of hours or days, you can "shape" his behavior, to perform an elaborate set of actions that you want.

    In humans, they have meetings where the people are all worked up over some imaginary issue, like Obama-scare, & tell them all kinds of weird & untrue descriptions of that medical program. After raising their collective blood-pressure & agitating their weak little brains, the members are given food, dessert, or beverages & maybe some happy music as a reward. They are told When & Where to go for the next Assembly, where they are to agitate, protest, raise hell, or speak out about some issue. Usually to YELL at a Congressman, or Govt official. OR they may have to sign a petition, or go Vote for someone, or DONATE for a special cause or important candidate. Their attendance at these meetings is required, as they CANNOT DISSENT. For these endorsements or protests, TRUTH or LOGIC is NOT REQUIRED. Any vote (logical or not) is still counted.

    I still can't figure out how they find these morons who are given prominent attention in the Tea Party, since most people would be embarrassed if they were talking out loud before an audience (or maybe even the media) & not even knowing the smallest detail of the TRUTH. Even the Pizza Guy, who ran as GOP President near 2008, had fewer brains than the average taxi driver, & made a joke out of being ignorant. But then we saw a very strange sight, where Sara Palin actually said, "I want to START a REVOLUTION." I doubt if anyone has said that since the 13 Colonies, 1775.
    But the crowd has been "trained" to respond to any red meat stimuli that was presented to them, so they cheer & applaud for a Revolution, or for killing Obama-scare, or whatever spews forth from the collective Bircher's lips. Most of them are programmed like robots. Like at a meeting with McCain, a woman who was obviously short a few screws, was saying that Obama was a Muslim, not born in USA, & not qualified as President.

    THIS IS HOW TO EXPLAIN what is going on NOW in American Politics. It is 55 years of subversion, blended together with heavy brain-washing, & crowd manipulation (using every kind of media) & then using enormous corporate wealth to finance a massive echo chamber of LIES.
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    As Nancy Pelosi said "this place is a mess".

    Why is it I keep hearing that the majority of Americans do NOT support the Affordable Health Care and I wonder HOW they know this?? OR is the truth of the matter really that (A) the Republicans have incited and perpetuated a feeling of FEAR - yet again! that most people are just scared of the unknown; or (B) Do they just keep saying that the majority is against the plan so that the more often they say it, the more likely everyone is to believe that is the truth??

    Regarding the Budget, and our current fiscal problems, as a side note, I've learned that under the Reagan Administration, the fiscal ceiling was raised 16 TIMES (raised 6 times under Clinton and 7 times under George W Bush). Since the Republicans usually tout Reagan as being one of the greatest Presidents, it's no wonder they don't want to advertise this little known fact. How hypocritical can you get?

    The selfish and self centered attitudes of our House of Representatives has only confirmed my beliefs that they care not at all for the average American. As long as they have a health plan, the rest of America can remain ill, untreated and die.

    I actually support shutting down the government, though I doubt anyone has the guts to do it, ------ not do it halfway either. In the past they've tried to shut down only certain departments and services. But shutting down the entire government may be the only way to make people wake up and realize how much the Government does, and this includes the Military. So many seem to think Government workers and Military are different, but they are paid by the same employer.

    Oh, and I wnat to point out that even if the Federal Government does shut down, our Congressman voted to ensure that they still get paid!!

    What we really should be doing is to rid ourselves of our current Government structure because they only care about themselves and don't represent the majority.
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    Lydia Polls is the answer.

    This time it's not just the Republicans who are the opposition, it's the majority of Americans. And a very sizable majority according to most polls.

    Single payer, THATS the way to go, and should have been from the beginning.

    The next three months will be interesting.
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    NOTICE: The examples given below, are what COULD happen in a govt shutdown, IF the Congress does NOT make exceptions to the rule. BUT in many instances, they have decided to fund "essential services" from being shut down. So the worst possible scenario (below) will not happen.

    Most people who are highly trained in the workings of Govt are saying it would be "suicide" to shut down the whole govt, and that it could be catastrophic for our economy, & even have global repercussions. -- Here is WHAT COULD HAPPEN if we had a total ShutDown:

    ONE: Air Traffic Control would CEASE. Period. How many planes would dare to take off from any major city airport with NO traffic control? Are you kidding? We often have near-misses in the sky even WITH air controllers. (UPDATE: Govt will allow traffic control during shutdown).

    TWO: Military planes could not fly, since the skies would be unsafe for aircraft w/o controllers. (UPDATE: Military exempt from shutdown).

    TREASURY DEPT would be closed, which issues ALL our currency. Their printing presses would shut down, & pretty soon you would have to go to the store with MONOPOLY money, hoping they have a new clerk who doesn't know the difference. If you went to your BANK & wanted to withdraw a few bucks to tide you over, they may REFUSE to give you YOUR OWN MONEY. (If you want it in CASH). The FDIC would be inoperational & would not be able to "insure" your deposits up to $250,000 (by the FDIC) -- so your deposits would be insecure. People would rush to the banks, to protect their assets, & like in the Great Depression, their money would be GONE. If the banks close, you may be lucky to ever get 2% of your deposits back.
    (UPDATE: uncertain if you can withdraw your money after Oct 1. Call your bank to verify if they have available funds for your withdrawal.)

    ALL FEDERAL CHECKS, including Social Security checks, Welfare checks, & federal employees checks would cease. Millions of people would have lost all their subsistence funds. Many cannot live, pay their mortgage, electricity or FOOD without those checks. Some elderly people would DIE.
    (UPDATE: govt says that Soc Security, & Medicare will still function. But a few agencies may be closed. Check with local offices, to be sure).

    Federal Offices would close, including FBI, and the Supreme Court. Homeland Security would shut down, & ALSO the Entire Military of the USA would have to shut down, ---- like the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, & the Air Force. Even our military bases overseas would close. All our military soldiers would NOT GET THEIR salary, since it comes from the federal govt. Those stuck in foreign bases would not be able to get home, or even eat. This may be considered serious to those in this category. Federal agencies who inspect our food, water, power plants, factories etc for "safety" would not be operating, so it would be a bit risky at work that day. Especially at nuke plants. IN OTHER WORDS, it would be CHAOS, if the govt shut down. (UPDATE: military will still get paid (but paid LATER, for now, only get IOU's) & many "essential services" will still be fully operational. But you may have to Call to ascertain which services are operating full time. Some will only function in an Emergency.
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    If the Affordable Care Act is so contentious ,why not separate it from the rest of budget issues and maintain the rest of the government functions, this what I believe the GOP is saying, by combining them it almost guarantee's a shut down of the government. So then who would then be seemed as being obstructive and held responsible?
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    I have to ask if you understand how budgets work, johnnycee. Are you seriously advocating for an entire government shutdown over a law that you as a Republican disagree with? Republicans control one half of one third of our Government. What gives them the right to hold a gun to our entire economy? What would you say if a Republican President and Congress passed a law that Democrats attempted to derail by threatening to shut down the entire economy of the United States? And not just that, but a law that the Supreme Court upheld? Would you have a different point of view then?
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    Well, number I am a registered Democrat ,and have been pretty much my whole life, and although I have never voted a straight ticket that does not make me a Republican and it seems to me that if a particular section of a Bill is so divisive as to have the ability to shut down the entire spending plan by the Government then it has to be set aside and let the government process run its course while figuring out the most beneficial way to fully implimint this Affordable care Act, so to those who stress the need to rush the funding without fully understanding the ramifications do they really have the best interests of the country in mind or is it more ego driven, remember even the staunch supporters of the original Bill are now jumping ship and asking for exemptions, which by the way are being granted, including the Legislators who have exempted themselves from this very ACT, so who is actually trying to hurt the country?
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    johnnycee Wrote:if a particular section of a Bill is so divisive as to have the ability to shut down the entire spending plan by the Government then it has to be set aside and let the government process run its course while figuring out the most beneficial way to fully implimint this Affordable care Act
    Republicans are not saying that they have a problem with a particular section of the LAW, not a bill, the law of the land. A bill is far different than a law. Bill's are debated and voted on. Law's are what they become after a bill passes both houses and the the President signs it. Regardless of verbiage, Republicans are not trying to make the law better. They are trying to completely dismantle it or throw the economy off a cliff. That is just absolute lunacy. Republicans have not once tried to make the law any better.

    And who says that the law is not going to work? You? Republicans? Fox News? How much research have you done on it? Have you taken the time to research states that have actively been working to implement the law? Did you know that those states premiums are already going down? And that is before the exchanges open up on October 1. What would you have to say if the law actually works, even with unbending Republican obstructionism? The states that want it to work are making it work. And surprise surprise, the Republican dominated states are the ones claiming that it's unworkable. Maybe its unworkable because they are actively attempting to sabotage the law. So I would ask you why you wouldn't give this law a chance to work before saying that it's a good idea to send our economy back into recession.