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Colorado Inundated With "Biblical" Flooding

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    Colorado is experiencing some of its worst flooding it has ever seen with no quick end in sight anytime soon. More than 19,000 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged, 1,250 individuals are unaccounted for, and thousands more are stranded and awaiting rescue. Emergency management officials cautioned that the number of dead will likely rise and the number of missing will inevitably go down once rescuers are able to reach the areas that they have not been able to reach yet. The National Guard is not immune from this tragedy either, after they recently reported that fifteen Colorado National Guard members are stranded on high ground.

    President Obama has signed a major disaster declaration for Colorado and has directed the Federal Government to do whatever it can to assist the state in this trying time. They may need all the help they can get because many meteorologists are fearing that the worst is yet to come if rain continues to fall which could cause more mudslides and renewed flash flooding.

    What does everyone think of this? Will major disasters like these start to become the norm? We are seeing the effects of climate change before our very eyes yet continue to debate if it is a real thing or not. All the while fires are raging out of control throughout the west, our water is drying up in many places throughout this country, and other major weather events seemingly happen on a daily occurrence. Thoughts on the flooding and what it means for Colorado as it tries to pick up the mess?
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    Hi guys: Yes, it sure looks like some kind of Biblical flooding -- But it seems we are having one disaster after another, and probably some of them are the WORST we have ever seen. A lot of these events seem to be part of the "global warming" phenomena. I bought Al Gore's disc -- called "An Inconvenient Truth" -- a long time ago, & I want to get it out again to see how many of his predictions came true.

    Most of it comes from a general ASSAULT on Mother Nature by our corrupt & greedy Industrial Corporations, drilling, digging, & draining anything
    they possibly can. To steal coal, oil, tar sands, & any other mineral out of the earth. Just think of all the OIL SPILLS caused by the awful polluting Oil industry, that will NEVER be effectively cleaned up, or remedied in any meaningful way.

    Dozens of species of sea life were maimed, killed, mutated, & left to suffer & die under the ocean, due to oil spills, giving them cancer & totally polluting their habitat. Many of the poor creatures were left with skin peeling off, eyes missing, sores & cancers all over their bodies, unable to see or walk, suffering horribly in a place they could not escape.

    Because they are helplessly trapped under the water, most will never be seen, to be pitied & REVENGED FOR. The oil industry can go on as though nothing has happened, to destroy & pollute ANOTHER ocean. WE are to BLAME, because NONE OF US has demanded Retribution.

    The horrible unspeakable destruction in Colorado right now, is beyond anyone's imagination. To think people's homes are flooded out, that did not live near any body of water. They wake up to find a "river" running right past their doors & windows, actually touching their knobs & hinges. It is beyond description or belief. With all our modern technology, all our airplanes & helicopters stand by helplessly, unable to fly, as the flood waters continue to climb & more people die.

    Again, it is almost like Mother Nature is seeking revenge for all the ways we have been doing excessive harm to our environment. In Colorado, for at least 10 yrs, they have been doing "fracking" -- which means they mix chemicals with water & force it through the earth (which causes several mini-earthquakes) & "cracks the shale rock" & then liquefying the rock with toxic solvents, & putting that residue thru pipelines, to be sold as "tar sands oil." This process pollutes their natural water around that area, disrupts the earth's stratification, & causes untold amounts of harm to the environment. A huge industry of "fracking" has taken place in the Rockies (mountains) & lots of jobs created. But to what effect? In many places where "fracking" is done, the people begin to have terrible physical side effects. They get very sick, they get cancer, their farm animals get sick & die. The water becomes terribly polluted, & often the water coming out of their faucets will "catch fire" if you hold a match up near the faucet opening. Imagine, if you put a match near your running faucet & it literally "catches fire." [see VIDEO: "Gasland"]

    The toxic solvents used for "fracking" are so poisonous, that the companies will not release its name, for fear of lawsuits. NOW the Land & the Water itself is "fighting back" for all the damage we've done to our environment. I can only hope that IT IS NOT TOO LATE.