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Arsenio Hall is Back!

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    After a nearly twenty year hiatus, Arsenio Hall is back. The comedian aired his first nationally syndicated show on CW last evening to mixed reviews. While first nights are often difficult, it doesn't look like the new Arsenio will have nearly the following that his original show commanded in the late 80's and early 90's. His show is facing much more competition than it did back then and his viewers have a much shorter attention span than they did twenty years ago, but he does have a loyal following that should help keep his show afloat.

    Did anyone watch last night's series opener? And does anyone think that he will be able to compete with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, et all?
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    When he was first on ,I found him to be way overboard with the fawning over guests, I think I might have watched a couple of shows before turning him off.