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Republican comments on the Syria situation

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    Have heard two GOP politicians interviewed this morning on the situation with Syria. The Republican senator almost had me in his corner of agreeing with the President until the criticism of Obama started. The GOP congressman also agreed that some action must be taken against Syria, but then started his presidential criticism. He started blaming Obama for not doing something about Syria two years ago and then continued with blame in several other foreign policy areas. These are people from the party who in the last 5 years have almost denied acknowledgement of Obama as being a legal office holder and have used every outlet to criticize the President to the world and then expect the President of the US to be able to use his position in bargaining power internationally. They have done anything and everything to reduce the office of the current president comparable to the local dog catcher and then criticize him for his lack of international prowess. How I would like to see the resurrection of Everett Dirksen and Henry Cabot Lodge who were statesmen of the GOP.
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    You're absolutely right about the GOP politicians and Barack Obama.

    A very telling statistic is that the 112th Congress has been rated as one of the worst in history, and the 113th is even worse, due to the shenanigans of the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.

    Meanwhile, Obama has been ranked the 15th best President in the history of our country, and that ranking will likely IMPROVE when he leaves office.(George W. Bush is currently rated as one of the worst).

    You may be interested to know that history eventually was a lot kinder to a famous politician from your state.

    When Harry S. Truman left office, he was one of the most unpopular Presidents this country has ever had. His approval rating was 22%, lower than Richard Nixon's rating of 24% the month that he resigned. Over time, his fortunes have changed. A 2009 C-Span poll rated him as the 5th BEST President in our history.