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Angelina Jolie is a FRAUD.

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    Angelina Jolie is a FRAUD.

    She NEVER had any such surgery. I have examined all her pictures around the time she claimed she had had a 'mastectomy" and there is NO evidence of any such surgery having taken place. It is my considered opinion that she merely had a regular BOOB JOB and then proceeded to FOB it off on the public as a "mastectomy" in order to make Brad Pitt "look good" during that WWZ premiere that was expected to go badly- and to distaract people from asking questions about that GUN SMUGGLING INCIDENT that took place during filming, and which mysteriously fell right OFF the radar within the same week. But more of this anon...

    The pictures show NO signs whatever of swelling or trauma to her upper chest (she is wearing a LOW-CUT SHIRT in some of the pics and her chest is as BONY as ever), and her breasts appear perfectly NORMAL. This is completely inconsistent with a "mastectomy" but fully consistent with a 'boob job" (Prosthetics are not worn against the healing flesh for up to a YEAR afterwards). She was also photo'ed carrying a heavy knapsack over her shoulder, with the strap resting against her chest and with with her arm fully flexed and NO sign of distress. She also wore strapless dresses to the premiere and was waving to the crowd-with NO SIGN of any laparoscopy scars under her arms; again, something COMPLETELY inconsistent with such surgery.

    Now, there is evidence that she was shilling for Big Pharma: there is an article at naturalnews.dotcom that exposes that she was collaborating with a pharmaceutical company to promote their product, and so likely received a BIG PAYOFF to LIE to the public and WOMEN in particular. No doubt they are hoping that women will follow suit and so pour BIG BUCKS into the pockets of the medical/pharmaceutical industry! She has been exposed as a LIAR again and again ("We are not having an affair" "I only ever slept with 4 men" "Zahara is an AIDS orphan" (she is neither) and the list goes ON.

    And here's even a BIGGER kicker: She works for the CIA as an operative and is most likely smuggling DRUGS for them!

    I won't go into details about the drug smuggling accusation; you can "search" them for yourself at the anti-Angelina site femalefirst dot co dot UK; I will merely point out that the bulk of her "humanitarian work" is conducted in and out of countries involved in "the trade"- and ask yourself: how many "humanitarians" do you know who fly around on their "missions of mercy " in PRIVATE JETS, hmmm?

    But funny how nobody asked any questions about WHY Brad Pitt GOT OFF SO LIGHTLY in that GUN SMUGGLING incident! The ONLY agency that has the kind of authority to 'hush up" such a SERIOUS offense as GUN SMUGGLING (and thereby contributing to TERRORISM, right? Yet the T-word never arose at ANY time!) is the "Central Intelligence" one! Angelina Jolie has made not ONE but TWO CIA movies- what better cover for CIA operative training than making a MOVIE, right? It was a cute "deflection" stunt to have a CIA agent claim as part of the "Salt" movie publicity that 'we would hire her in a minute"-when she was ALREADY working for them!
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    So.... you're claiming that, not only did Angelina Jolie not have a double masectomy but she is a script pushing, drug smuggling, gun smuggling agent of the CIA. And do back this up, you offer no evidence, just half truths and some conspiracy theory?

    .... sounds legit