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When I thought Fox News couldn't shock me... this happens

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    I know I'm about a week behind with this but, somehow this slipped by me.

    I'm hardly ever shocked about what airs on Fox News anymore, but THIS just floored me. And notice how the host just nods along like everything this lady is saying is completely sane.

    Here is what is really funny and what really got me. After getting over that "survivor syndrome" which I'm gonna leave big dose of crazy alone for the sake of time and space, I'm gonna focus on her "episodes with violence on TV" argument.

    Her claim is that by the time children are 13, they have watched 100,000 episodes with violence in them, and 200,000 by the time they are 18. Lets do some math.

    For the sake of trying to verify her claim, we are going to assume best case scenario for her. We are going to use 30 minute episodes so we can squeeze in as many as possible and we are going to assume that 100% of the shows these children watch contain violence. None of that Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer allowed to screw up the results. We are also going to assume that the violent TV watching start at birth. So the child was born and immediately started to watch TV. So:

    Age Birth -13:
    100,000, 30 minute eposodes = 50,000 hours of TV = 2083.7 Days of solid TV = 5.7 years of TV watching. This means that children spend about 10.5 hours a day watching TV, everyday from the day of their birth.

    Age 13-18 (5 years)
    100,000, 30 minute episodes - 50,000 hours of TV = 2083.7 days of solid TV = 5.7 years of TV watching. This comes out to something fantastic. Teenagers spend 27.36 hours per day watching TV. This means that some hooligan down the street has not only discovered how to survive without sleep but they also found 3.36 extra hours in our day. This seems like a marvelous breakthrough. However, it still doesn't give them time to shoot anyone, or even be a hooligan. They are watching TV....

    Age Birth -18:
    200,000, 30 minute episodes = 100,000 hours of TV = 4166.7 Days of solid TV = 11.4 years of TV watching. This means that a child spends 15.22 hours per day watching TV. If the child gets 8 hours of sleep everyday, he or she then has just over half an hour a day for everything else.

    Not sure what studies this lady is quoting, but they all seem to be fabricated. Now, if you will excuse me. I'm gonna go watch Dexter Morgan kill some people on Showtime.