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How to treat a guest on your show.

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    Chris Hayes is too hyper and is rude to his guests by continually interrupting them. He needs to calm down and relax. I like what he covers but I have no patience with his approach.
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    I have to agree. Plus, I really dislike his talking style, solely because he straight-up stole it from Rachel Maddow. That's all I can think about whenever he talks.
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    I wish I was as well educated and informed as they both are.....Try listening to Rush Limbaugh and you'll get it
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    A related topic is how guests should treat their host on the host's "turf".

    I've come across a few comments that were attributed to Barack Obama at the recent G20 conference in St. Petersburg. Although the quotes weren't from "traditional" sources, I found enough references to the quotes that there's a good possibility that they may be valid.

    Here's the quotes:

    “Look, I’m not just talking about Snowden and Syria,” Mr. Obama said. “What about pu$$y Riot? What about your anti-gay laws? Total jackass moves, my friend.”

    If you think I’m the only one who feels this way, you’re kidding yourself,” Mr. Obama said, jabbing his finger in the direction of the Russian President’s face. “Ask Angela Merkel. Ask David Cameron. Ask the Turkish guy. Every last one of them thinks you’re a dick.”


    Putin's response:

    Shortly after Mr. Obama’s volcanic performance, Mr. Putin released a terse official statement, reading, “I should be afraid of this skinny man? I wrestle bears.”

    he may or may not have wrestled a bear, but the shots below show that he's a lot tougher than most world leaders:

    After one day of meetings, the G20 nations voted unanimously on a resolution that said maybe everyone should just go home.

    Any comments on Obama's remarks ?
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    Hi Arizona: I am assuming, of course, that these remarks from Obama came after a LONG discussion with Putin, over a thousand gallons of Russian vodka. ; ) Putin only sipped at his, for medicinal purposes. While Obama took off his pants & shirt & JUMPED IN, & literally SWAM IN IT.

    On the subject of Chris Hayes, I have seen some of the best shows with him as host, where he has demonstrated an incredible talent for digesting enormous reserves of information, & presenting them effortlessly, while politely including the other guests with equal consideration for all opinions.
    He obviously is very intelligent, a great speaker, & has to run a balancing act, to get everything in, during the short span of a one hour show. He is able to project great enthusiasm, when he is excited about a topic, and that is part of his boyish charm. I LOVE Chris Hayes, & am so glad that the powers that be on MSNBC finally gave him a show on prime time. I love all the hosts on MSNBC. It is a great network that has assembled such a wild crew of show hosts with such great talent & integrity. (YOU KNOW that these show hosts have done their homework, and their "fact checking" before air time). On other unmentionable networks, you hear blatant lies and intentional falsehoods, that make you wonder if those networks have ANY standards at all. How Rush has stayed on the air for 28 years is a miracle of decadence, whereby the powerful rule the airwaves with nothing but pure Lies.

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    Chris Hayes is the consummate host. He is not rude to his guests; he is simply committed to the topics he discusses and provides a level of excitement and interest. I wish more hosts showed this type of enthusiasm. He is one of the, if not the most personable host/anchor on MSNBC and his compassion for his fellow man/woman is noteworthy. I support his views and his reporting savvy completely. I would be honored to know him personally and would be proud to call him a friend. Some of my favorite segments include those with Steve Kornacki. It is incredibly inspiring to listen to them as they go back and forth with their commentaries. Rock on Chris!! MSNBC rock on too - a most impressive line up throughout the entire day.
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    When Chris has Larry Kudlow on, I cannot watch. When I refer to an error prone individual or a failure I call them a Kudlow. He is useless.
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    I liked Up very much and liked the slower pace and more thoughtful commentary.
    The week-evening Up is needlessly confrontational since, more and more, Chris invites the trained monkeys of the political right to regurgitate their talking points and won't control the venue.
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    Chris Hayes?????...............Please, Please, bring back Ed Shultz..............."RELEASE THE ED".................
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    I think Big Head Ed is back on weekdays at 5PM ET.

    He was banished to weekends a while back and I'm pretty sure he's been moved back to a daily but earlier time slot than before. He's on right before the Rev Al.

    Your lucky day and you didn't even know it! Go get that lottery ticket!