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A timely question

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    Julian, CA
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    A timely question "Who sold Syria those chemical weapons?!" Rumor hath it that the British sold those chemical weapons to Syria a year ago, of course, the U.S. Government used Agent Orange in Vietnam and allows America's arms dealers to sell anything to anyone on the planet and the result has been the slaughter and maiming of untold numbers of human beings all over the planet.
    If the above reality is not a perfect description of evil I don't know what is!
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    I agree with your evaluation. It is horrific that 2 of the world's most enlightened cultures have been involved with arms deals that use chemical weapons. I have a sudden thought about a possible "solution." Sell the enemy nations the chemical weapons, BUT ones that have been all de-activated, so they DO NOT WORK. When launched at an enemy nation, they just disperse a lovely fragrance, maybe "Evening in Paris."
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    Also, documents show that the CIA was helping Saddam gas his enemies in the 80's.