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The Great Wall of China -- visible from space?

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    For this week I’ll spare readers (if my prior essays and rants etc.
    have had any). Just a short item of interest to me. Of interest to everyone
    should be Riding The Iron Rooster by Paul Theroux. In the book he tells of
    travel by train to every far end of China and in between, and finally beyond.
    An outstanding book When I finished it, I sent to a grand daughter who had
    had spent a semester in higher education in upper-echelon Beijing. Mr.
    Theroux’s experience of the country’s astounding span and scope and
    spectrum of human differences (and behaviors) just aren’t included in
    tourist itineraries or collegiate curriculae!!

    Specific note:
    Concerning whether the Great Wall of China can be seen from space

    That the wall is comprised of segments could be a factor in this “seen
    from the moon” being erroneous. But continuity can be a cognitive
    extension of separate linears, an “extent-extrapolation”, so to speak.
    . The issue of actual eye-optic visibility is that a 2-dimensional paradigm
    Is requisite for revelation! Even if we “linearly connect” all the segments The
    “nearly 5500 mile length” of the wall (over-all),. . . provides only one of the
    two necessary coordinates for visibility. Length alone is insufficient.
    Optical process (thus perspective geometry) requires 2 coordinates. And
    the 21.3’ at base, l9’ top width of the wall would result in “substantive sub-
    visibility”, so to speak.
    (Kind of like a foot-long hair from someone’s head stretched-out on the
    vanity would not be visible even from across the bathroom!!)
    (web search just now confirms: can’t be seen by eye, but
    Is evident in NASA computer-enhanced photos)
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    Hi --- What an exciting prospect to see the Great Wall of China in person. My aunt went about 8 years ago, & really enjoyed the experience. You have a grand-daughter who went to college in Beijing? But getting back to SPACE. Did you say that it is NOT POSSIBLE to actually see the Great Wall of China from space? I can understand that from the planet Mars, but is it not possible even from sub-orbital satellites? Could we access photos from NASA to go into more depth on this? We always use our telescopes to look OUTWARD, but it would be informative to look DOWNWARD to our own little planet, once in awhile: ) We can actually see what tiny insignificant microbes the human race is.
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    of course we can if we wanted to as some satellites on a clear day can read the brand of a cigarette your smoking and that was back in the 80s in their military and goggle earth is coming come that now in non military so it make me wonder how precise the military satellite's are now