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Obama Channels King's Spirit in Powerful "March on Washington" Speech

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    In a speech that Dr. King could have only dreamed of witnessing, President Obama stood in front of the iconic Lincoln Memorial and delivered a historic speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King's timeless "I Have a Dream" speech.

    Speaking after Representative Lewis, the only known living speaker from the first march, and former Presidents Carter and Clinton, Mr. Obama took to the podium and the image of our nations first back President standing in that spot are impossible to ignore. The President spoke in powerful and aspiring prose on the racial injustices that permeated our country 50 years ago and the marchers desire to live in a society where they have an opportunity to participate in the American dream. He also spoke about how much progress we have made as a society in these past 50 years, but that much still needs to be done to rid our country of its racist and bigoted past and present. And he shamed politicians that care more about low taxes and wedge politics than funding crumbling schools and helping our nations poor.

    While we have made tremendous progress in these past fifty years, we still have much more to do. With mass incarceration of our nations minorities, an unjust education system that perpetuates the status quo, and an unyielding drive to suppress the vote in countless states, I suggest that it is high time for a new Civil Rights drive in this country of ours to create a fair and EQUAL society for all of our citizens.

    Thoughts on the President's speech today? Did he strike the right tone and pay proper tribute to Dr. King and all of those marchers 50 years ago?