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Why is there not real intrest in deficit elimination by White House

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    There seems to be a void in Washington & our administrative officials with regards to eliminating the deficit right now. Myself I have been researching this after I discovered a process with a unit for all combustion engines to be pollution free. Another development I discovered with a unit I made that would eliminate the coal plant toxic wastes & pollution...

    NOW, Imagine these being used by the U.S.A. to eliminate the deficit with China, a rising industrial power with the need for a solution to end the pollution problem they have.
    A process owned by the government of the U.S.A. would also be used a standard for enviormental issues, surpassing the levels needed for future healthier living.

    There seems to be a complete "block out" from me using most forms of media to search out U.S.A. based corporate sponsors to help finance these units & am having it looked into, with the possibility it may be the pc.

    Being a small unknown inventor, I will always keep these two invention close to the vest till 2015 the latest.

    My goal is to have these be U.S.A. owned & manufactured, but if there is "no response" from our government I will sell it to somewhere else, that has not been a problem of intrest on their part, just my own governments unresponsive attitude towards the deficit elimination & other possibilities.

    If there is any one whom can help answer what may be wrong with our government, when it comes to responsibility of deficit reduction, or is the looming Syria issue taking everyones time.