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Benefits Inequalities for US Citizens Violates US Constitution

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    Benefits INEQUALITIES from state to state for US Citizens violates the US Constitution by government-institutionalization of Inequality from citizen to citizen/state to state/city to city, town to town,...and since the benefits I refer to are FEDERAL [foodstamps, medicaid/medicare, housing assistance, energy assistance, et al. ], these differences/inequalities are in fact "subversion of the US Constitution, and per US Constitution, are therefore TREASON PUNISHABLE BY DEATH...government which violates the US Constitution automatically loses its authority to govern per US Constitution, necessitating impeachment of the offending politicians and immediate replacement to rehabilitate government to compliance with the US Constitution. THERE IS NO GRAY AREA ABOUT THIS, IT IS STATED CRYSTAL CLEAR BY THE FOUNDING FATHERS TO PREEMPT POLITICIZATION OF FEDERAL RIGHTS/LAWS/SERVICES/BENEFITS AND TO ENSURE ALL US CITIZENS WERE EQUAL/EQUALLY SERVED/EQUALLY ENTITLED PER US CONSTITUTION.

    ------------------Having laid down the US Constitution...

    1. Foodtsamps and Medicaid/Medicare, Housing Assistance/HUD vouches/HUD rentals/HUD programs, Energy Assistance & Programs, Social Security Unemployment, Social Security Disability are FEDERAL PROGRAMS and per US Constitution MUST BE EQUAL TO/FOR EACH US CITIZEN; however, currently, state and local governments politicize these programs and corrupt them by arbitrarily creating different eligibility criteria and different benefits amounts, ... state/local GOP politicians arbitrarily raise eligibility criteria to eliminate recipients so that the federal government calculates amount $ eligibility to cover the number of people eligible and the state/local governments take the money from the federal government in a lump sum of all benefits moneys in one grand payment, but by the state/local governments raising eligibility criteria they eliminate eligible citizens from receiving the benfits and the state/local governments pocket the money ...i.e., "skim the moneys off the federal payment deposited into their respective treasury" which is fraud. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS REGIONAL MANAGEMENT OFFICES WHWHICH/WHO ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO NO ONE [I know of one in MA and one in MO whose management told respective US Senators they "weren't their boss and could not tell them what to do" when the senators discovered their respective constituents were being denied/defrauded of federal benefits in violation of the federal criteria for the programs.

    2. BEFORE the federal foodtsamps, medicare/medicaid, housing assistance, energy assistance, unemployment, disability, farm assistance, etc programs were formed, the USA's need and benefit of national and societal supports creating national and economic strength/stability and thereby predictability/reliability was one of the post WWII wisdoms, and so, the USA studied long and hard what societal qualities were desireable and how to achieve them, and thus, the "benefits" programs were envisioned. Then, the goals of the strengths and stabilities were defined according to the industries of the time, i.e., 1940's-1960's, and one by one, the benefits' service definition and quality level were defined, and then citizen need to achieve national goals facilitated the eligibility for program and kind/amount of program assistance...thereby achieving national economic goals by managing societal capabilities/quality/nature....including scholarship and grants programs for higher education, and, research programs assistance to advance national technology et al. innovation interests.

    GOP governments starting in 1979 dismantled all of this national vision/plan design by attacking the USA, stating "there is noo such thing as society, only the marketplace", and, changing federal laws to faciliate their illegal war upon the US-Citizens-receiving-benefits, stating they were waging a war against the poor [the poor who were parasaites upon society], and dismantling all regulations of the banking and finance industry to enable usury and illegal practices and asserting international corporate practices upon all US Citizen Individuals including the low income poor, all the while asserting this was necessary for international trade and global competitiveness and profit. YES, the GOP politicians have dismantled federal benefits to US Citizens, however, DEMOCRATS have done nothing to reverse the travesties created by predecessor GOP politicians when democratic politicians assumed government jobs, and for this failure/omission, the democrats are culpable, their respective negligences unforgiveable...BUT, WHY does the DNC not keep track of what wrongs are done where by GOP historically ao that they are able to hand their elected candidates a list of immediate changes for rehab/restoration which they can monitor/mandate to ensure that the country is run upon an equal footing in spite of occasional bumps created by bad GOP political behaviors ?

    One must therefore assert oneself as a "Progressive" since one cannot ethically define oneself as a "democrat" when democratic politicians and the Democratic party/DNC behave irresponsibly and negligently and stand idly by overseeing subversions of the US Constitution in the form of institutionalized inequalities in federal supports of US Citizens and manipulations of laws and regulations to undermine US Constitution-Bill of Rights...AND undermine the stability of US society and the strengths to build industries, innovation, and all needed for economic reliability/predictability...thereby ensuring national economic strength. The GOP do not have the intellect to understand such mathematical equations, and anyway simply play the numbers games, rigging accounting practices to make lies/halftruths appear as Truth while they play shell games with government finances so the moneys needed for strengthening the country are redirected "elsewhere" against the best interest of the USA nation. Meanwhile, democrats who are capable of seeing/nderstanding the deceipts, frauds, scams, skimming, rigging, manipulations to make lies appear as truths do nothing to publicly expose it, do nothing to prosecute it, do nothing to remediate it.

    3. The USA needs a VISION derived of a strategic plan to transform the nation from the industrial age to the new technology era ... the people need to vote for a picture of the nation in the new technology context, and they need to vote for the politicians who have strategies/tactics to migrate the country onto a new technology foundation and to safely carry the US Citizens onto the new foundation, ensuring each citizen has equal supports and has the assistance needed to achieve national goals, has the social supports to maintain a standard of living which enables the individuals and so the entire USA to achieve its national advancement goals ... the DNC needs to get very very busy getting itself caught up with 40 years of work and a 20-30 year vision/strategic plan/tactics to present candidates who have credible relevant things to offer voters, and, to give voters a future picture to vote for .
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    Hello: It is my most profound pleasure to welcome you to this forum. You will find an audience here of edified & enlightened persons, eager to learn & absorb new ideas. While rigorous discussion & debate is encouraged, some conjecture & joviality is not shunned. Often Democrats are perceived as "open minded" --- which is not to be confused with our loyal opposition (GOP) -- who are often perceived as "empty headed." But we still do maintain some hope that the dear old Elephant (that WAS the Republican Party in the past) has not been entirely slaughtered by the infiltrators from the Tea Party. We hope they will awaken & JOIN US, in the quest for Truth, Justice, & Liberty. And the preservation of our dwindling Democracy. In the meantime, you have some fascinating ideas, & the Constitutional basis for examination of past grievances. Our universal rights (of mankind) should not vary from state to state. I had not realized how severely this concept has been eroded, in the last few years.

    So let us all share ideas for a Solution. (No, please don't panic). I did NOT say "The FINAL Solution." The Third Reich had some very amusing ways to solve their problems. They just exterminated them, in concentration camps, or EZ bake ovens. Since the right wing GOP often takes their cues of governance from the Fascist Regimes of Hitler & Stalin, they may be tempted to revive their old recipes. It is fascinating to remember that Geo H.W. Bush (Prez #41) was in Skull & Bones, like HIS father Prescott Bush. And during good old World War II, Prescott Bush helped to finance I.G. Farben, a Nazi corporation, that built concentration camps, military vehicles, & produced Zyklon gas to kill the Jews. So much money was given by Prescott Bush to the Nazi factories, (sort of the Bush Family Charity), that the US Govt had to stop him with the "Trading with the Enemy Act" of 1942. It is interesting to note that the logo of Skull & Bones (Bush family fraternity) is nearly identical to the "death's head skull" on Nazi Party insignia. BUT what the heck, everybody needs SOME kind of Hobby. A little extermination now & then, -- it just sorta "warms your heart", doesn't it? It was also a lot of fun to bomb IRAQ, for the younger Bush (#43) -- like father, like son. And then to immediately kill Saddam Hussein (who was "elected" by the people of IRAQ), kill him so he couldn't talk about all the secret arms deals going on between Rumsfeld & Cheney & Arab leaders. Then Bush had to also go exterminate Saddam's 2 sons. By the way, Saddam Hussein was known to be a "progressive" leader in the Middle East, giving freedoms to his citizens, (no burqua for women & they could go to college at govt expense), & he also had govt reforms that gave charity to the poor, & better pay for jobs, & a form of retirement pay & free health care. OMIGOD. That was really a good reason to Hang Saddam (to death) for sure. He gave free HealthCare to his people.

    Well, we don't yet know what "solutions" will be found by the T-Party, since they are so logical & non-violent, in their approach to things. Like when Sarah Palin said she "wanted to lead a Revolution" & they said "We come unarmed this time," while advocating all kinds of Gun Violence, & attempt to use scare tactics on Dem Hdqtrs (rock & stones to break windows) which is identical to Kristallnacht in Germany, where the Hitler Youth went out & threw stones & bricks at all the Jewish synagogues, businesses, & homes. Gee, I wonder why one could make that suggestion of similarity? Then you could add in that Fred Koch (father of the Koch Bros) was trained in Russia (by STALIN himself) leader of the Russian Communist Party. Daddy Koch was working in Russia in the petroleum industry for a few years & then came back to USA to start his own petroleum industry, become very wealthy (in the billionaire category) & immediately began to sabotage the US govt, with the JBS (John Birch Society). For those who do not know, the JBS was the first generation of the TEA PARTY. And the members of that orgn are the ones in Congress right now, who are always trying to sabotage negotiations & any attempt of compromise between the 2 parties. They are also trying to blockade passage of Obama's programs & to keep him from achieving his goals, that were voted for by the American people. Tea Party leaders are the morons always saying he was not born here & other ridiculous statements. So we can only wonder what "solutions" they might have for this country. Watch out for them to build very large microwave ovens, right next to a hospital or detention facility. Nearby selling TV dinners that say "our meat tastes just like chicken."