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the subject of Impeachment

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    There is a rumor that some of the Republicans want to try to IMPEACH President Obama. (again?) -- They seem to exist on some weird treadmill which runs eternally on one track (over and over again) -- half of the track is always in total darkness & upside down. The threats are repeated often, like they forgot the results from the last time. And their logic never improves, nor their motivations. Watching the Republican Party these days is like watching a Nightmare in slow motion. Any TRUE Patriot should be horrified, instead of joining in the fray.

    BUT as I always say ---- the TRUE Christians in this nation may have already thought of this answer:

    "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU." --- [Luke 6:31] -- (the Golden Rule -- words of Jesus).

    If the Republicans really want to IMPEACH President Obama, then they must want the Democrats to "do the same unto them." And I for one would be glad to comply with their wishes. We should IMPEACH (or dismiss, by legal means) all the Republican Senators & Congressmen, for failing to perform their duties as federal employees working for We the People. As mentioned before, most all of the GOP have violated their "oath of office," which is to honor & uphold the U.S. Constitution, which tells them they are to "represent the citizens of the USA" & act in our behalf, according to our wishes. NOT to be there just taking bribes from business leaders & corporate interests. NOT to be the benefactors for lobbyists, & the cronies of criminals. They are elected BY US, & are supposed to LISTEN TO US, & do the "will of the people" & especially the "majority" of the people. Since the Majority of People have voted for President Obama, the DEMOCRATS are the majority, & the Congress is supposed to "represent" the ideas of the DEMOCRATS. Or at least allow the President to pass his legislation which has been supported by a majority of the people. (Things like Medicare & Social Security, are prime examples). The GOP are always attacking these things, & calling it OBAMACARE, but they found out that the People all approve and are very happy with Obamacare, & would disapprove anyone who voted to disallow or defund it.

    NEVER FORGET that OBAMACARE is essentially the time-honored and approved agency for HealthCare in this nation (previously called Medicare) & all the senior citizens have appreciated it for approximately 50 years. When it was first introduced by Hubert Humphrey (Democrat) to Congress, it was ferociously opposed by the Republicans for 20 years. They hated it because it would help some poor older people to survive, instead of dying in sickness & poverty. The GOP have always believed that only the rich should survive. But one day, they figured out how the doctors could "pad" their patients lists, & prescribe dozens of extra RX for their patients, (getting a huge kick-back from the Drug Companies), & charge "co-pays" for any extra visits, & in short, how they could "rob" Medicare & make a small fortune for themselves, getting patients hooked on addictive medicines.

    It was fantastic, because then they could invest in the Big Pharmaceutical Industry, & gain on the stock market too. Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, you could hear them cash registers ringing all over the country, (& even all night with the new 24 hour drugstores). While some drugs were only mildly addictive, a few others were much stronger. So you would "need" those drugs constantly, & have to make extra appts with your doctor just to get em filled, & then have to make extra co-pays just for walking in the door. Some of these pills (made in factories from chemicals) actually made you sicker, so then you would need lots of lab tests to diagnose those symptoms (ka-ching, ka-ching) & then have to take MORE drugs to cure the side effects from the original drugs. NOW Big Pharmaceuticals began to Rule the Medical World, & doctors don't treat patients anymore, all they do is try to figure out which Pills they can get you on, & how many tests they can perform to find out the side effects of those drugs.

    WATCH OUT for young doctors who have been indoctrinated in Republican ideology, because (just like the Nazi's) they think they have the right to force you to have dozens of tests, & also force dozens of pills on you (which you are not allowed to refuse without risking serious consequences).
    For instance they can force you to take dangerous drugs, including ones you are "allergic to" & if you refuse, they can try to discontinue all your future health care (even in emergency) & basically just let you die. KEEP IN MIND, they cannot legally "refuse healthcare" to any ILLEGAL ALIENS, but they WILL refuse healthcare to a US citizen, if she or he refuses to take the drugs being forced upon them, even if the druggist tells you not to take them because you are allergic. They will also tell you it is Mandatory that you have mammograms or colonoscopy, & if you do not, they will not operate on you if you get breast cancer. These are the "new guidelines" of the new Gestapo CEO's who administer parts of our healthcare. As you know, I am sure, that most CEO's of major corporations (or hospital facilities) are Republicans, -- & they act as their own "death panels" to decide who should live & who should die. And even though they are not allowed to let any illegal aliens go without healthcare, they CAN & WILL see to it that OUR freedoms to make our own decisions, (in healthcare or at the Voter Booth) will be taken away. Since the right-wing GOP do NOT believe in DEMOCRACY, (which is the right to Vote & make our own decisions) -- then they will be glad to "force their decisions" upon us.