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March On Washington: 50 Years Later

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    August 28, 1963 is a day that changed America forever. Three hundred thousand peaceful protesters marched through Washington and coalesced on the National Mall to demand our national government step in to end the rampant racism permeating throughout the southern states. The speech given by Martin Luther King has gone down as one of the greatest speeches ever given in America and has been memorized by countless people throughout the last half century.

    Next Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and a massive rally is going to be held on the same spot where Martin Luther King spoke. President Obama is scheduled to address the crowd in what is sure to be a powerful moment that will be impossible to ignore. Dr. King envisioned a day where we have a black President and I'm sure that day has come far faster than he ever expected, but many of the dreams that he had still seem light years away. Black unemployment remains unacceptably high. The incarceration rate of our black citizens is at a level that is unsustainable and has done incalculable harm to the black family unit. And the educational system that the vast majority of our minority citizens are in only exacerbates the issue.

    Where are we at 50 years after this fateful march? While we have shed some things about our racist past, have we really become a society that truly is equal for all of our citizens?