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Ed Schultz Heading Back to Prime Time

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    MSNBC announced that Ed Schultz will be heading back to prime time and will host a nightly show starting on August 26th. Schultz will be taking over the 5 PM slot that is currently held by Chris Matthews, who will now go live at 7 PM. The move is an acknowledgement that MSNBC's nightly lineup has been struggling and they need to do something to get back on top. The extremely popular Schultz should be a good light to that spark. The unabashedly liberal commentator has a large following and may be able to get viewers to stick around for the rest of the evening lineup.

    What does everyone think of Ed Schultz moving back from the wilderness of the weekends and back into prime time?
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    Um, let me get this right now- because someone is a vet they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions?

    i would suggest that blindly supporting an immoral war machine is about as anti-American as one can get! There are good vets and bad vets just like the rest of the population. Being a vet is a meaningless description of anyone's character. They took a job and got paid for it, plain and simple.

    Get off your high horse and face reality.
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    Release the "ED"................sounds just like "Release the Kracken" in the Jason and the Argonauts movie. I like ED.............just like the campaign slogan in the 50s "I like Ike". Yes, Ed is refreshing to listen to after throwing up from listening to O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck, The Five (except Bob, who I also like), and Limbaugh. Ed's only I problem I see is that he gets much too emotional, but I tend to agree with most all he says.

    I like Ed. Please support his return to Prime Time.
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    I am so thrilled that Ed Schultz will be returning to prime time. I missed him, & he can tell the story of Michigan & places taken over by an unelected financial emergency Manager, extremely well. It is really very fascist & unAmerican what those financial mgrs are doing. Basically kicking out the duly elected city councils & forcing the citizens to do what they are told to do, or else. Essentially, DEMOCRACY is DEAD in those places, without giving the voice of the people any chance to speak out for what they want, in their own city. Ed has also done amazing reports on Unions being busted by corrupt GOP governors, & all the rights to organized labor being illegally squelched. Also, Ed's mother was a school teacher who taught him true values of the common man, & he continues to work for all human rights, in her name.
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    Ed is fantastic! We need a lot more like him!!!