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The White House is installing solar panels

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    Yes Obama wants to show us he is for clean energy. Wow. So he is the hero who from taxpayers money has these installed and also the taxpayer pays for the energy bill of the White House. The few pennies it saves us does not compare to the total waste of our defense cost; let him save on that istead of playing these silly games; millions can be saved on jet fuel for his huge private fleet of planes including the 747. Let him start there instead. Then we have our costly wars still going on as well as the huge Pentagon budget. No our leaders have no clue about saving cost; they know only on how to spent and get the kickbacks. Love this government, they do a fantastic job for themselves.!!!
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    Dutch you are right of course. These solar panels are a symbolic gesture, nothing else. Their true meaning is zero. You and I and just about everyone else knows it, but this is just to keep the environmental people happy.

    If President Obama REALLY wanted to save money he would have ended the war in Afghanistan years ago. We waste more money in Afghanistan every two minutes than these solar panels will save in their lifetimes. If he had ended the war when elected, like he should have, our government could probably have given free solar panels to every home in America with the money we would have saved. Not to mention the senseless deaths that would have been spared.

    ..."this government, they do a fantastic job for themselves.!!!"... Yes that's why they run for office, to enrich themselves, they sure don't care about the rest of us.
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    Yes, Solar Panels and hell why not a wind turbine as well. It sends a nice green message.

    In my little town they just had the annual street fair. It's a big carnival with some fund raising - fire dept. raffle, a few companies, a few churches, a few people running for Mayor, and other groups have tents/booths.
    I stopped to talk to one of them. Mike Compton for Mayor. The women said that the current Mayor said that he a conservative Republican but I don't think that he is. I said then you're saying that Mike Compton is a Republican..... NOOOO He's an Independent.... I said perfect. That's what I say now when asked my party. It saves so much time.
    And this way you can get votes from both sides.
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    Carter installed solar panels in the 70s, but Reagan had them ripped out.
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    Installing solar these days is a huge up front bill but the up front cost get played off in about 9 years and after that it free for the next 30 or more years while energy prices rise and rise so every year it get more economical to put in solar