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San Francisco bans JROTC

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    I think it is retarded that JROTC was banned! Thank goodness that we have out of school cadet programs like CAP and Sea Cadets! Without Sea Cadets I would never be able to do the things I got to experience as a Sea Cadet!
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    Philadelphia, PA
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    I see the fourth posting was the charm, now since the San Francisco School District has such a strong opinion about the military and the idea that the JROTC program is nothing more then a recruitment inducement, then they should also refuse any federal monies because the Federal Government is an active supporter of the Military, BTW, the training program was set up primarily to teach self confidence and awareness, instill a sense of self discipline and learning how to work within a team concept, now I wonder what the San Francisco School District plans are to instill those same virtues into our youth since they won't have the money for a new type program? What a bunch of boneheads.
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    Flagstaff, AZ
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm going to be out of character and not comment on your post, but you should consider deleting 3 of your 4 posts, using the tools provided on the edit page.

    After all, redundancy is a no-no.