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The NSA and DEA's "parallel construction"

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    More info is coming out of the woodwork about the NSA's collection and use of mass surveillance data of virtual every American citizen. We have just found out that the NSA has been sharing their data with the DEA. No big surprise here, I guess.

    What's particularly interesting and damning though is the DEA's protocol of handling this data toward 'criminals'. Reuters reports that DEA agents who use tips from the NSA are trained to "recreate" the investigative trail to effectively conceal the DEA unit's involvement from defense lawyers, prosecutors and even judges.

    So, the NSA is giving the DEA tips on drug criminals. But, since this is so many kinds of illegal, the DEA agents can't site truthfully where their intel came from. Instead, they have to fabricate a way to go after their suspects. And, it's not just simply that it's happening that's the huge deal. I mean, it is pretty horrible that it goes down this way. But, we all have seen our fair share of cop shows to know that cops 'working the system' is always a real possibility.

    What's shocking is that the DEA actually has a program, with another acronym dubbed SOD, where this practice is written in the handbook. They call it "parallel construction", to share intel between departments. And the SOD, as a whole, practices recreating investigative trails as the norm, not the exception.

    Just heard the IRS is somehow in on this too. Thoughts? Does this concern anyone?